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You may have wondered what the heck happened to my Weekly Reader posts! Or maybe I should call it “Monthly Reader.” Well, it’s back and I hope to keep it up (weekly not monthly). Weekly Reader is one of my favorite posts to write, because I get to go back and re-read, highlight, and share my favorite blog posts.  And even though I haven’t been posting, I’ve been tagging my favorites, so get ready, this may be one long post. Let’s get to it, shall we?

Have you ever read a great book, seen an inspiring movie, or heard a great joke, and thought, “I’ve got to share that!” Of course you have! Here are a few things from my Reader in the last week that inspired and motivated me, made me happy, sad, and angry, made my stomach growl, and made me laugh.

Weekly Reader - Look Forward

Since I’m dedicating the first part of this Weekly Reader to Under Armour’s What’s Beautiful campaign and some of the amazing posts that I’ve read, I feel inspired by this picture (I think my back looks pretty awesome!).

What’s Beautiful

Under Armour’s What’s Beautiful campaign, which is sponsored through FitFluential  is a competition with the goal of redefining the female athlete. Women are invited to set goals for themselves and then go out and achieve them. These are some of my favorite posts written by other women who are participating in the program.

Bad Ass Fitness, Finding ‘Fearless’ to Find #WhatsBeautiful.  I loved Shannon’s post about being fearless because as she gathers her courage to make a career change, I am reminded when I did exactly the same thing over 13 years ago. I never looked back (hah, see my picture above), and I bet Shannon won’t either.

The Lean Green Bean, Strength is What’s Beautiful. Lindsay made my reader in two separate categories this week. This is an amazing post introducing us to the women with whom she works out, their goals, and successes. Each and every one of these women (including Lindsay) is inspiring!

Donloree, Be-You-tiful. Many young (and not so young) women are still dealing with the pain and awkwardness of adolescence. In this post, Donloree speaks to her 15 year old self with the wisdom that comes from maturity and confidence.

Coffee Cake and Cardio, What’s Beautiful – In the Eyes of a Teenager. In this inspirational post, Ashley reflects on her teenage years. Through the eyes of the adult she has become, she can acknowledge the strength and determination of her 15 year old self, who did not fit her defined mold of tall, skinny, and blonde.

Truth2BeingFit, I am Enough – What’s Beautiful. In Jody’s post she challenges Under Armour (and all of us, really) to look past the popular definition of beautiful, which is the point of the campaign to begin with, and remember that older women are strong, healthy, accomplished, and beautiful too.

Run to the Finish, Strong is Not the New Skinny or Sexy. In this post Amanda takes exception to the idea that Strong is the new Skinny (or Sexy). Strong is strong, it has very little to do with skinny. And sexy shouldn’t be in the equation at all. Read her post for inspiration.

You must see this!!! Tiffany H, Get Pumped Video. I almost missed this because I don’t usually watch videos (mostly because I’m at work, reading in bed (yes, I do), or other inappropriate places), but I am so glad I watched Tiffany’s video. You will smile until you laugh, laugh until you cry. She is just so…cute (and amazing and inspirational too!).

Blogging Inspiration

The SITS Girls, How to Become a Successful Blogger and  9 Things Every Blog Should Have. I always learn a lot from the SITS girls. My weekend project: Adding a “popular post” widget, one of the things mentioned.

The Lean Green Bean, The Best WordPress Plugins. Plugins are so much fun! I know that I tend to have too many, but check out Lindsay’s suggestions because I’m sure you’ll find a plugin that you just have to have.

Running/Training Inspiration

Fun and Fit, Which Running Surfaces are Best? Do you run on the sidewalk? On trails? Or just the plain old streets? Check out Kymberly’s and Alexandra’s post to find out which running surface is the best.

Tri-ing to Be Athletic, No One Said There Would Be Math in this Race. I have said before that Julie has a place in my heart and will always have a place in my weekly reader.  She absolutely earns that distinction with her humor and drawing skills.

RunWiki, Running with My Daughter and Women’s Race Series. I never had a daughter. But I appreciate how Lisa (and other mothers of daughters) uses running and fitness to make sure that her daughter has great memories, health, and self confidence.

Vegan Inspiration

No Meat Athlete, How To Eat Healthy When You Just Can’t Find the Time. Great tips from Matt to help you eat healthy, even when time is at a premium.

Spa Bettie, Spicy Buffalo Chick-Quin Wings. Kristina may not like chicken wings, even in her pre-vegan days, but I do (did), so I appreciate this recipe.

Fragrant Vanilla Cake, Raw Tiramisu Brownies. Every single one of Amy’s recipes sounds delicious and is so beautifully photographed it makes my mouth water.

Thug Kitchen, The Next Time Someone Tells You to Eat More Veggies…Bad language alert! If you haven’t discovered Thug Kitchen yet, and you can handle a lot of f-bombs few curse words, you will love this tough guy’s guide to vegan cooking. Example: Their tagline is “Eat Like You Give a F$&k.”

Food for Thought

MizFitOnline, No Electronics at the Pool! When I first read the title of the post , I though that Miz was warning us about some kind of electrical danger. No, this is something much more important.

Weighty Matters, Guess There’s Not a Mom on Earth Who Wouldn’t Want Their Husbands to Try This. Imagine this, mothers. What if you could hook your husband up to electrodes so that he could experience the excruciating pain pure joy of childbirth? Would he be game? Check out this video of two good sports who dared.

Fit and Feminist, What Happens When the Pursuits of Strong and Skinny Collide? You need to read this. There is so much content in Caitlin’s post that the only intro I can give is to just give a thought to the women who are posing in those photos that proudly hail “Strong is the New Skinny.” Um, they’re usually pretty damn skinny too, aren’t they? A quote to pique your interest, “Posing a-straddle a loaded barbell while showing some impressive underboob might make for some good cheesecake photography, but it does nothing to convey that the woman doing the straddling is actually capable of lifting said loaded barbell. Often, the emphasis continues to be on what a body looks like over what the body can do.”

Phew, there you have it. Even though it’s been months a few weeks since my last Weekly Reader, I tried to keep it fairly current. Now it’s your turn. If you are participating in the What’s Beautiful program and have a post you’d like to share, please link in the comments. If you have read something awesome this week, same thing. And of course, if you have written your own post that you are proud of, please share it with us.

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  1. says

    I love your weekly reader posts and so happy to see it back! I’ve been loving all the UA posts and it’s been so inspiring to read everyone’s story. Off to check out Caitlin’s post. You have me intrigued!
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted..The HaircutMy Profile

  2. says

    Great links as always! I am especially interested in the blogging-related posts. I’m always curious about what other people think are non-negotiables when it comes to blogging. There are so many perspectives out there!
    Cadry recently posted..Voodoo Doughnuts in PortlandMy Profile

  3. says

    What a good job you do rounding up and summarizing each post. First, thank you for including our post on running surfaces. Second, Monthly, weekly, biweekly, whatever frequency, I really enjoy and track many of the links from your round ups. You are one busy reader runner eater writer! Third, Yah Mon your back looks bodacious!
    KymberlyFunFit recently posted..Which Running Surfaces Are Best?My Profile

    • says

      First, thanks for the back compliment I was fishing for :-).

      The busy is really the problem. I feel like I have to choose between reading blogs, writing my own, commenting, reading and responding to comments, taking pictures, editing pictures. Oh yeah, and that real life stuff like work and exercise. Geez, now I’m tired.
      Debbie recently posted..Weekly Reader: Beautiful InspirationMy Profile

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    Awesome! I love weekly reader / round up posts. I can’t believe I am JUST getting to this…but you know that is how life goes sometimes. Thanks for the great post!
    Donloree recently posted..Ovaries Only?My Profile

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