What’s Beautiful: Getting Faster. Costume Party Run Training, Week 3

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I just wrapped up week three of my training for the Costume Party Run. I am working hard each week, trying to elevate my training even more than I did during my last half marathon training cycle. One of the reasons for this is that I am participating in Under Armour’s What’s Beautiful campaign, which is sponsored through my relationship with FitFluential. The What’s Beautiful project is a competition with the goal of redefining the female athlete. Women are invited to set goals for themselves and then go out and achieve them.

weekly training recap

As I’ve mentioned (and you can see if you follow my progress), my goal is to run a sub two hour half marathon for the first time since I’ve turned 50. I’m notching up my training this time around, plus I will have the advantage of a fairly flat course (unlike the La Jolla Half Marathon course). I am also seeing the doctor for my exercise induced asthma, something I haven’t bothered to do in years. There are some great medications to help prevent the asthma, a big advantage. I’ve been depending on my rescue inhaler, not exactly an optimal situation for racing faster.

I had a good training week. After last week, I was feeling a little bit like I wasn’t making any progress. Training went much better this week, thank goodness. Here’s my training recap.

Strength Training

I’m beginning to sound like a broken record, but I didn’t make to the gym again this week. Things are slowing down, but I still have my Monday/Thursday clients, our usual gym day. After an 11 hour day, I just want to go home and veg out. They will be leaving for the summer in about a week, which will free up some time. I will get back to the gym!

I did get in four (!) workouts this week. Monday and Friday, I taught my Fast and Furious Class. Monday’s class even included some running. On Friday, we did a seven minute workout that one of the students had clipped from the New York Times. It was tough, but in spite of the evidence cited in the article about the quality and benefits of such a short workout, it left me feeling like I needed more.

What's Beautiful - Training Recap

On Tuesday and Thursday I taught my Superball Class. On Tuesday we did the Balls Only Workout, which is a lot of fun. Even the class thought so (we don’t always agree on the definition of “fun.” Thursday’s class was more basic. Three sets of each exercise, with a core exercise between each set. Example: Chest Press on the ball, Crunch on the ball, Chest Press, Crunch, Chest Press.  Lots of core training in that one, because we change it up from crunches to twists to planks to hip extensions. Good stuff.


Good running week. I ran a little over 27 miles, which is a lot for me. I completed all my planned workouts, though I did switch my long run to Sunday again. I’ll probably keep this up, because I love running with Alan and he is running (shorter) on Saturday and riding his bike on Sunday. It works out well. So perfectly that we both arrived home from our workouts on Sunday at the exact same time!

For my speed training this week, I scheduled a three mile steady tempo run. This was the longest tempo run I’d planned for a long time, and I was a little scared worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep up the pace. Not entirely without reason as it turned out. I started by running two miles with Penny. She’s getting pretty slow now, so it involved some walking, but I just can’t not take her for a little run. Even at 12 she loves it so much. Anyway, I dropped her off then took off right away at my tempo pace, hoping to take advantage of the downhill portion of the run. That worked quite well, and I ran the first mile in 8:28. Mile two was more level, and I ran it in 8:33. Then, I needed to take a break. I took a short break, then got rolling again. For another half mile, when I needed to stop again. I kept that break short, then finished up mile three in 8:34 (obviously not counting my break times).

While it wasn’t exactly what I’d hoped for, I am still pleased with my workout. I know that I will see improvement next time I run this type of tempo run, and I’m excited to give it another try.

weekly training recap

 I don’t usually write up my slow/moderate/recovery runs, but the trail run on Saturday was so much fun that I want to share. Alan, Penny, Buddy and I ran the first four or so miles together, out on the trails. It was so beautiful and clear, plus the weather was cool, always a bonus in late May in the desert.

weekly training recap

Then I took Lily and Olivia out for about a mile and a half. They love to run too. So much that I created a little video of my little dogs running and put it to music. Check out their shadows. You can see their smiles.

On Sunday, I was schedule to run 12 miles. Before the run, I grabbed my hubby and had him take a few photos of me in my Under Armour gear.

What's Beautiful - Training Recap

What's Beautiful - Training Recap

Then I grabbed Penny and we ran two miles together. I experimented by leaving her off the leash on the way home. It was early, with no cars around, and she just followed along behind me. Much better solution that my trying to pull her along (then suffering intense guilt because she’s 12 and even though she runs great on the way out, no matter how far, she slows down to a crawl on the way home (and I still think it’s because she doesn’t want to go home, but still…)).

I dropped her at home after the two miles, then headed out for the rest of my run. I felt good through the whole run, a little tired at the end, which is fine. I’ve been using Ignite Naturals InRefresh Electrolytes, which I received for review a couple weeks ago. I’m really impressed with the product,  it tastes good, seems to keep me feeling good and hydrated even through a 12 mile run. I’ve been making an extra bottle when I get home, with a lot of ice, and I think my recovery has benefited. I like it so much I ordered more!

Not too much to report on the run itself. I ran steadily through the whole run, stopping only at the seven mile point to refill my bottle at a fire station. Best water stop ever! Big ice machine, handsome firemen (who I did not ask to pose…sorry), what’s not to like?

weekly training recap

As I mentioned above, I finished my run at the same time Alan finished his 26 mile bike ride. Perfect. I made a smoothie, stretched, foam rolled, and enjoyed the feeling of just being finished with a tough training week.

What's Beautiful - Training Recap

And just because I love you, I want to share two of my favorite pictures from the week that have nothing to do with running or training.

weekly training recap

Taking a selfie with an enthusiastic dog is, um, interesting. He is very photogenic though.

Samuel and Nathan

Speaking of photogenic…my son and grandson, six months old on Wednesday.

Oh, here’s my complete training log if you’re interested.

weekly training recap

How did your training week go? Any races, competitions, events that you’d like to share? Have you joined the What’s Beautiful program yet? There’s still time!

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