Looking Back: Some of My Favorites

Last week when Lindsay invited me to join the Pin It Party, I took an opportunity to look back over some of my old posts. I chose a few recipes and workout posts for the party, because the pictures were very pinable. But I also dug up a few posts that really meant something to me.

I have been blogging for over four years! Over that time, I have written hundreds of posts, including some that I am really proud of. In some ways, writing is like giving birth. As you compose your work, a seed of an idea formulates into a full-fledged post, sometimes painful as you open up your heart to your readers. The end result, after all the hard work, feels like a living being, with a beating heart, that you can actually love.

Okay, I’m being a little dramatic. But writing a post that you are proud of is an accomplishment. And it is one that is quickly swept up under a layer of new posts, new readers, and new page views. As I was digging through my archives, I found a few posts that I really want you to read. Articles that I’m proud of, or that reveal a part of my life. Here they are, in no particular order.

drawing the line 150x150 Looking Back: Some of My FavoritesDrawing the Line

Making the change to a plant based lifestyle is a process. Part of it is learning about ingredients and making decisions about where you draw your personal line.




Jessica1 150x150 Looking Back: Some of My FavoritesDear Jessica: On Becoming Vegan

A couple years ago, my dear friend Jessica wrote and asked me for advice on “becoming vegan.” This post was my response.




ParisMarathon 150x150 Looking Back: Some of My FavoritesWe’ll Always Have Paris: The Paris Marathon

I’m pretty sure you’ll find something to pin in this post. We were in Paris after all.




family6 150x150 Looking Back: Some of My FavoritesThe Way It All Came Out

Imagine that you are sitting home one evening, when out of the blue you get a phone call from someone who says, “I think you might be my dad.” It happened to my husband.




Honolulu Marathon 150x150 Looking Back: Some of My FavoritesMy First Marathon

I have run 35 marathons, but I will always remember my first, Honolulu 1996.




I hope that you have enjoyed looking back as much as I have! Bloggers, do you have a favorite post, no matter how old, that you’d like to share. Readers, do you ever look back at your favorite bloggers’ archives?

Signature zps65e035a8 Looking Back: Some of My Favorites Sharing is Caring!

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    You have had some interesting life moments for SURE! I look back at former posts if I recall that one is helpful or relative to a current post. Then I dig around to be able to link it. Other than that, I rarely scan back through and when I do I am always hit fresh with how funny my sister can be.

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    I loved reading about your first marathon. Having only completed one at the very young age of 59, Hopefully I have a few more in me and a very special one if things work out well!
    Pam recently posted..I Scream For Ice CreamMy Profile

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    So glad you posted this! I started reading the top ones, and I’m continuing to make my way through. ow is probably the best time to make the totally creepy comment that I am so, so glad I found your blog. I love checking in to see how you’re going. You inspire me – mostly because you stick to your guns and do what you love (even though I’m a carnivorous crazy lady).
    Kate recently posted..Why I’m Not RunningMy Profile

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