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It has been a while since I’ve posted my Weekly Reader, but something about the events in Boston on Monday sent me searching for inspiration. Believe it or not, there is a lot to be found, right there on Boylston Street. I heard stories of runners, who after finishing running 26.2 miles, continued to run another two or so to the hospital where they offered to donate blood. As I watched a video replay (for like the 100th time), I couldn’t help but notice that along with the people who were running away from the explosion, there were many running toward it, to help. A Google doc was started, where people offered anything from a place to stay, to a ride, food, water, blankets and more. Restaurants offered to feed people whether or not they could pay. A doctor who ran the marathon, then came back to offer help. Story after story of regular people helping. That’s inspiring.

Inspiring Boston

Source: AP

Many people are running, lifting, and blogging for Boston this week, including me. I want to share two posts, which I thought were very eloquent. Frankly, I couldn’t read more than a couple of the Boston posts. It was just too hard and made me too angry.

No Meat Athlete, What it Means to Be a Runner.

Fit and Feminist, The Spirit of the Marathon Lives on in Boston.

Here are a few of the non-Boston posts that I want to share, that have made me laugh, cry, angry, or just hungry.

Running Inspiration

Miss Zippy, Challenge Conventional Wisdom. Amanda loves to push the envelope in her running and is always open to learning new things about training. She even makes this old runner think.

rUnladylike, Injury Prevention: Yoga for Runners. As you know, I really have failed tried to incorporate yoga into my training. Jesica gives me even more reasons to do so.

Blogging Inspiration

Pushing Social, How I Turned a Part-Time Blog into a Full-Time Business. If this is a goal of yours, Sanford has some great tips on goal setting, planning, and finding your niche.

Social Mouths, Grow Your Social Media Relationships with Storytelling. Guest poster Monica has great tips for creating content in social media, telling you how to make your point through emotionally charged stories.

Vegan Inspiration

Fragrant Vanilla Cake, Raw Banana Split Cake. As always, Amy creates an amazing, decadent treat that is as beautiful to look at as it is to eat.

Oh She Glows, Warm Spring Salad. I can’t wait to make this salad with its delicious sounding combination of asparagus, strawberries, quinoa, and peas with a simple lemon olive oil dressing.

Food for Thought

Fitknitchick, Are You an Urban Gardener? 8 Reasons to Grow Your Own Greens. I really, really need to do this. Tamara has great reasons and tips to grow your own garden.

MizFitOnline, Take What You Need Day Follow Up. Carla learned a little more than she expected, thanks to a 7-year-old, on her Take What You Need Day.

Weighty Matters, Should we be Banning the Marketing of Insane Meals? Yoni is in Canada, but the question applies to the US as well. At what point do we just say no to the misleading marketing of unhealthy food?

Cranky Fitness, The Little Mermaid and Breast Implants. Guest poster Gaye is about my age (okay, four years younger), but I relate to many of the issues she dealt with as an, um, smaller chested woman.

Cadry’s Kitchen, Are Vegans Privileged and Out of Touch? I love this post. Chances are, just like Cadry’s readers, most of the readers of this blog are “privileged” too (vegan or not). Out of touch? No, I don’t think so.

RunWiki, The Day I Aged Up…What Life Has Taught Me. In case you’re not a runner, “aging up” means moving into a new age group category. Typically, a time for reflection from everyone who is turning 30 or 40 or another big number, for runners it is also a time of celebration, because we are now the “babies” in our age group. Lisa took the opportunity on her birthday to reflect on what she has learned from life.

I hope that if you read or wrote a post about the Boston Marathon tragedy, or any other post that you loved or are proud of, that you will share it in the comments below.

Please, my friends, have a safe and wonderful week. Hug your family close and be grateful for those that you love.

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    Thank you for the sharing this article. I am so exhausted, emotionally and physically from the weeks events, I am almost unable to type. Funny story, I was thinking of you on the bus ride to Hopkinton, there was a lady who was your twin, I came so close many times to go up and hug her… poor lady, I would not stop staring at her. :)
    Lisa @ RunWiki recently posted..The Final Days Leading up to The Boston MarathonMy Profile

    • says

      I am so happy that you are okay (or will be after some rest and family time). It was shorty after I tweeted congrats to you on your finish that my husband called me with the news. I was so shocked and worried. So funny about the lady on the bus ride. Maybe she’ll read this and know why you were staring :-).
      Debbie recently posted..Weekly Reader: Trying to Find InspirationMy Profile

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