Weekly Training Recap: La Jolla Half Marathon, Week 10

My race seemed so distant when I first started training 10 weeks ago. Now I have four weeks to go, and guess what? I finally feel like I’m in shape and getting faster. Who knew? Here is my weekly training recap.

My race last week, when I took almost two minutes off my previous 5k time, kind of drove it home. On top of that, I had a good speed workout this week (after increasing the interval distance too!). My long run was great. Not only was it a beautiful day for a run along the coast, I felt so good that I actually wished that it was race day.

I was also pretty pleased with my strength training. I have come to terms with the face that, at this time of my work season, I am not going to be consistent going to the gym. Therefore, I’m putting extra effort during the classes that I teach, and it is really working to make me feel stronger.

Finally, yoga. You may notice that there is no yoga section in this post. That is because there was no yoga. I’m a work in progress, I guess, I only hope to make it back to the studio before my sessions expire.

Strength Training

weekly training recap

Ignore the date on the workout above, this is the workout I did last Monday. Challenging but not too crazy. I’d planned a Tabata workout for Friday, but no one came to class. Phew Darn! On Tuesday and Thursday I taught my Superball class. Tuesday was the Vanity Workout, Thursday the Functional Workout. Both workouts are pretty challenging, so I felt pretty good about my strength work.


One of the things that I am enjoying is that I really feel faster (finally). Now, I’m not going to break any records, or even any of my own PRs, but after years of gradually running slower and slower, it feels good to see the training difference.

Tuesday is supposed to be my interval day, but I seem to have a hard time getting out the door any earlier than 5:30. Yes, that’s pretty early, but it only leaves me a half hour or so to run because I need to get ready for work. I don’t want to keep cutting off my speed work, so I decided to simply run three miles (with Penny, of course), and save the speed for the following day (which is what I did in week eight too).

So Wednesday, after a three mile warmup, I ran six 1/2 mile intervals on the road. The three slightly uphill intervals ranged from 4:03-4:07, and the downhill ones were 3:42-3:48. Just about perfect I thought, since I ran my 5k at an 8:04 pace just three days before.

weekly training recap

weekly training recap

weekly training recap

weekly training recap

 I couldn’t decide which picture to choose, so you get them all.

Saturday was scheduled to be a six mile run with hills. We headed to San Diego in the morning, and plans to run when we arrived, well, they didn’t happen.

On Sunday, which was Easter, I was supposed to run 12 miles. We also had plans to meet my son and daughter-in-law, and her family (and of course Samuel) for brunch. So I decided to cut the run to 10 miles, make some tweaks in my training plan, and not worry about the time, or being too pooped to enjoy the day.

Alan and I got started about 7:30, late for us if we were at home, but perfect for the chillier coast. Alan was planning to run five miles, so he turned around when we reached Cardiff. Right below this guy, actually, the Cardiff Kook:

weekly training recap

 I continued on and I just kept feeling better and better (and consequently, kept running faster and faster). When I got to my turn-around point I decided to go just a little farther, which is why I ended up running 11 miles. I averaged about a 9:30 pace for the run, including the first three, which were pretty slow on trails. I’m particularly proud that I ran mile 10, which is an uphill mile from Cardiff to Encinitas, at about race pace. It was a wonderful run.

weekly training recap

The pace shown above is not my average pace (which was 9:30). I think it is the pace I was running when I stopped the timer.

weekly training recap

My turnaround, at Dog Beach in Del Mar.

weekly training recap

Waves and wildflowers. It was a beautiful day.

As I mentioned, I’m making a couple tweaks to my training plan for the last several weeks. Since I missed my 12 miler, I will do it on Saturday, then, on the following week, I have decided to run the London Bridge Half Marathon. Alan is announcing the race, and since I want to run 13 miles that weekend, it seems like a no-brainer. I plan to start out slow, then pick it up to race pace for about six miles, then settle down and cruise in for the last miles of the race. That will be my last long run, two weeks out from the La Jolla Half Marathon.

Here is my training log from week 10. Click to enlarge.

weekly training recap

weekly training recap

Just to show you I clean up pretty good. If you missed my Easter post, click here.

How did your training go last week? Any races, runs, or competitions to share? Link on!

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