Weekly Training Recap: La Jolla Half Marathon Week 8

I’m happy to say that in spite of a few ups and downs, I felt like I was back on training track this week. I actually did some yoga (one day, for 20 minutes, but still..), managed two strength workouts, and completed two quality running workouts. Here is my complete training recap.

Strength Training

After a light week last week, I started out on Monday ready to go. Then, no one showed up for my Fast and Furious class, so I enjoyed another rest day. Tuesday was my Superball class, and I got a decent workout, mixed with a little cardio.

Finally, on Friday, I taught my Fast and Furious class. We did a similar workout to the one here, but added some split squat jumps to make it even more challenging (you can see the workout posted in the picture below).

weekly training recap


I’m not sure whether to be proud or embarrassed about my one 20 minute yoga workout. I mean, yes, I did it, but the one little workout is far short of my goal. I did spend 10 minutes taking pictures of myself in various poses, does that count? I’m off to Las Vegas this coming week for the IHRSA Convention and I’m bringing my mat. My intentions are good.

weekly training recap

weekly training recap


After a big fail in running last week, I feel much better about my training this week. I did miss the first workout of the week, an important one because it is my interval training, on Tuesday. Because I work on Tuesdays, I have to be finished with my workout by about 6 am, and I just couldn’t drag myself out of bed early enough. Not a good start.

I made up for it on Wednesday. I’m scheduled to run six miles (I don’t have to be at work until 10 on Wednesdays). I decided to make up for my interval fail. I started out by running three miles easy, with Penny. Then I took her home and went back out and completed 12 1/4 mile intervals, on the road. My pace was a little slow at first, about 1:55-1:58, but by the end I was running between 1:44 and 1:48 (depending on the uphill or downhill interval). I was pretty pleased with myself that, not only did I get my speed workout done, I added a few more intervals. Finally, a win!

weekly training recap

I had to work on Saturday, so I didn’t have time for the six scheduled miles. Instead I ran 2.1 miles, with Penny of course. At least I got out.

weekly training recap

Finally, after missing my long run last week, I knew that I had to get it in on Sunday. I decided to keep it at 11 miles (instead of upping to 12). Because Penny gets sad if she doesn’t get to run, I took her out for the first five, which was pretty slow, on the trails.  After I dropped her off at home and headed out to run the last six, I decided to push just a little. I kept the pace under 10 minutes miles, even running mile nine at half marathon pace (almost, anyway, about 9:10 per mile).

weekly training recap

weekly training recap

Next week I’ll be running a 5k, Women Running Wild, which is on a similar course to the 5k I did a few weeks ago (same neighborhood). I am hoping that my time with show the effect of the speed work that I have been doing. Plus my weekday runs will be in Las Vegas, so I’m not exactly sure if I’ll be able to keep with the program. It’s all good though, because I know that I’m getting stronger and faster. Here is my complete log from week eight:

weekly training recap

How did your training week go? Any races, competitions, or other events coming up?

Oh, and I wanted to leave you with this (as my daughter in law says, too cool for (pre-) school):

weekly training recap

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    Your post made me realize that I need to get back to yoga! Sore joints this morning after a half marathon yesterday will trigger that thought, Love the pic of your grandson-too cute!

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