Thursday Thoughts Why Bacon Makes Me Cry

Imagine you’re out for a run. It’s morning. Other people are getting ready for work, but you are fortunate that you have this opportunity to enjoy the beautiful morning. Then, it happens. One of those people, heading into the rush of their day, is making breakfast. You can smell it: Bacon.

Many people, most people probably, would enjoy the smell You might even contemplate whether you had time to have bacon and eggs for breakfast yourself. Not me. When I smell bacon wafting through the air, I feel like crying. In my Thursday Thoughts vlog, I discuss why.

There are no scary pictures in my video, just some scary words. Pigs are social, smart, wonderful animals. In the US, 90% of pigs live in factory farms, where they live short miserable lives in horrible conditions. All I ask is that you think about it.


This is bacon

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    I recently worked on a Nat Geo Wild show which features a very large pot belly pig, it was fascinating to find out more about their intelligence. Factory farming in general is a problem, both for the environment and for the animals. While I do eat meat, I buy bacon from companies that promise that their farms have GAP and Certified Humane seals.
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