Weekly Training Recap: La Jolla Half Marathon Week 6

As I sit here typing, I have ice on my knee and foot. Yet I feel that I had the most successful week of training so far. I felt stronger, faster (a little bit, anyway), and just, well, better. That being said, I have some aches and pains, nothing dramatic, hopefully just my 55 year old body adapting to training.

I did get all my workouts in, including one yoga class (90 minutes…does that count extra?). My goal is at least twice a week, so I really need to get in that Wednesday session, even if I just practice for a half hour. Anyway, here is my weekly training recap.

Strength Training

I started right in on Monday with my Fast & Furious Class. We did a 20 minute circuit, 45 seconds of each exercise, 15 seconds rest. Three sets with a minute rest between. I can’t remember exactly what exercises we did, but I’m pretty sure burpees were involved.

Tuesday and Thursday were my Superball Class. We did two excellent workouts (I shared them here). The first I called the Vanity workout, where we worked our smaller muscle groups with simple, yet challenging moves. Thursday’s class was the Compound workout, a much more functional, total body workout, using compound exercises to work several muscle groups and the core.

Finally, we did a Tabata workout during Friday’s Fast & Furious class. It was a butt kicker:

weekly training recap


As I mentioned, I made it to yoga one time this week. Of course, it was a 90 minute, challenging flow class, that started exactly one hour after I finished my long run. Yes, that’s right. I ran more than nine miles, changed my clothes, ate, then dashed off to yoga.

I felt amazingly good (though my toes kept cramping), and strong. I’m working on bakasana. my crow pose, a pose I love because it is challenging, but I can do it. Sometimes.

I have yoga on my schedule on Wednesday, but it seems that after my morning run I just want to rest then get ready for work. This coming week I’ll try to do a half hour YogaDownload.com workout. I can choose a shorter workout, pick the level at which I want to work out, perfect for a post-run practice.

weekly training recap


I am so pleased with my running. Not that I’m suddenly super fast, or that it isn’t still hard to run 10 miles. I’m just getting my workouts in and I’m starting to feel the results. I’m not sure whether I’m more motivated by the half marathon itself, or by the fact that I know that I have to write about it. Whatever the reason, I’m doing it and thank you for keeping my accountable.

I completed my second interval workout on Tuesday. We again did it on the street near home. This week I finished ten 1/4 mile intervals, just slightly faster than the week before, about 1:45 on the slightly downhill half, and 1:50 on the uphill. I think this week I’ll go for 12 intervals at the 1/4 mile distance, then after that up the distance to a 1/2 mile.

On Wednesday, Penny and I ran six miles at a nice, slow pace. I’m finding my so-called recovery days to be the hardest, because my body is tired and I feel sluggish, but I guess they’re working, because I feel better for the next run.

That next run was on Saturday. Alan was announcing the Desert Triathlon. It is a two day event, with a sprint triathlon and duathlon on Saturday, and an International distance triathlon on Sunday. On Saturday, I drove out with him, help him set up his stuff, then took off for my tempo run around the lake. First, though, I got to see this:

weekly training recap

Beautiful, no? Of course, the whole setting is gorgeous, a small reservoir lake surrounded by hills.

weekly training recap

After a one mile warm up, I ran three miles at tempo pace. I averaged about nine minute miles, and my heart rate was about 149-154. It was challenging, but I felt good. I finished with two miles back to the car.

weekly training recap

After my run, I took a little nap in the car, then joined Alan at the finish line, wandered around the expo, and chatted with some triathlon friends. By the time we left, at about 11:30, it was getting close to 90 degrees!

The weather was on my mind as I got ready for my long run on Sunday. My original plan was to run from home to the race venue, which is almost exactly nine miles, join Alan there (who would have the bag of fresh clothes/recovery food, in his car). Then my wonderful husband came up with a much better idea. He suggested that I drive to the venue with him, then run home. Perfect! Once I got home I could have my food, clean clothes right at hand (of course, it also gave me the opportunity to go to yoga class-a win-win!).

It was warmer on Sunday, and cloudy. It made for an even more beautiful sunrise than the day before. It was the sunrise that kept on giving:

weekly training recap

I didn’t want to wait too long before I started my run. In spite of the clouds, it was already warming up, and the forecast was 90 degrees. So after getting Alan set up, I went back to the car, put myself together, and got going.

As I ran out of the park, the weather was starting to feel really warm. I had a pleasant surprise when I got out on the road, though. It felt like the temperature dropped 10 degrees! It stayed cool and cloudy for the entire run. Without my dog, I was able to keep a steady pace with no stopping or walking for the entire run. I feel so bad that I left Penny behind so frequently this week. She loves to run so much, but at almost 12 she is slowing down a little (I get that!), and I’m worried about taking her too long. I will run with her on Wednesday, though, and possibly some of my weekend runs.

weekly training recap

Although I ate between my long run and yoga, when I came home from class I was starving. I was also too tired to cook, so I grabbed some leftover quinoa plus some roasted butternut squash. I combined them, heated it up, then sprinkled on a little brown sugar and drizzled on some maple syrup (yes, I admit I have a sweet tooth). It was surprisingly tasty, and filled me up quite nicely.

weekly training recap

I’m feeling good now, after a nap, some recovery time, and the aforementioned ice. Another training week in the books!

How did your training week go? Report or link it up in the comments!

Here’s one more shot of the awesome sunrise:

weekly training recap

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    What an amazing sunrise! Those colors are incredible! So happy that you’re feeling stronger running and yoga! You are a trooper for heading to a 90 min class after your long run. I’m aiming to get yoga in at least once a week while I’m training – would love to do it twice. My runs went well this week too and first week of training under my belt! Yay!
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted..UnpluggedMy Profile

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    It’s such a great feeling when training starts to click like that. You sound energized! And your pictures are absolutely beautiful. Those temps sound so foreign to me right now…I am envious!

    Sigh–I need to live in the desert.
    misszippy recently posted..The hay is in the barnMy Profile

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    I so miss the weather in La Quinta. Some time I am going to get out to spend more time there as my mom and stepdad live there. Great week of training!
    Nicki recently posted..75 TodayMy Profile

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