Weekly Training Recap: La Jolla Half Marathon Week 5

What Does Not Kill Me Makes Me Stronger

You know you’re in for a tough day when you find yourself quoting Nietzsche in mile one of your 10 mile long run. I’ve actually loved that quote for a long time, but to have it running through your head so early in a 10 mile run was, um, troubling. More on that below.

First the answer to the question I know you are asking: After all your whining, did you go to yoga class? The answer…yes!  See below for details (see how I lure you into this post?).

I also added my first interval workout. Though the plan was to head to the track, Alan and I ended up staying close to home and doing the workout on the road. Whatever, it worked.

The weekend was much better than last week, when I had to work both days. I did help Alan out with his track team’s car wash, but still managed to get both a run and a yoga class. And still no decision on whether I’m switching races from La Jolla Half Marathon to the Run Through Redlands. They’re only a week apart, so I’ll be okay either way, but hopefully I’ll figure it out soon.  My training recap:

Strength Training

Nothing exciting to report (meaning I still haven’t made to the gym). I taught my Superball class on Tuesday and Thursday, providing me with a decent core and lower body workout, and my Fast & Furious Class on Friday, which was great for the upper body. We did three sets, 45 seconds each of Pushups, one leg deadlifts with rows, one leg deadlifts (other leg) with triceps extension, plank to side plank, and squat press.


Well, I made it to yoga class. Once. Does it count for more because it kicked my ass was tough? Saturday’s class, with my favorite teacher, my friend (and studio owner) April, was hard. My legs were quivering early on. One of my commenters  last week suggested that I stop thinking that I have to do an hour or more of yoga to make it count. That was such an excellent suggestion. Did I follow it? No, but I plan to. That is what got me through my 30 day yoga challenge last year, realizing that even 10 minutes of yoga practice is wonderful. It counts.

training recap


This was the first week that I added in interval training. It has been so long that I was really a little nervous. The plan was to go to the track, but instead Alan and I did 1/4 mile repeats on the road right around the corner from our home. I was running them a little fast, around 1:48 (for the slightly downhill direction) to 1:55 (for the uphill), but I felt good. We decided that we like doing it close to home, so we’ll do it again next week.. This week eight repeats, next week we’ll go for 12.

training recap

That was on Tuesday. Wednesday’s run was a slower paced moderate/recovery run. On Saturday, I needed to help out with Alan’s track team car wash. I was supposed to be there by 7:00, so I only had time for three miles or so. I did manage to run two miles at tempo pace, so I felt pretty good about it even if I had to cut the mileage down.

training recap

Finally the long run. As I alluded to above, it was really fucking hard. The combination of my first time running 10 miles in a long time, a 90 minute yoga class the day before, a tempo run the day before, a late start, all combined to have me quoting Nietzsche about a mile into the run. Fortunately, I felt better as I went on. The first six miles, Alan and I ran together with Penny and Buddy. Then I took Lily and Olivia out for the next three and a half. Finally, I finished up with about 1.3 all by myself, to finish up with about 10.6! So happy to have it done (and to know I have a little cut-back week next weekend).

Here is the complete log:

training recap

Some random pictures from the week:

training recap

I pass this most days on my run. Isn’t it beautiful?

weekly training recap

We met some friends for dinner at Native Foods on Friday.


Mmm, Greek Gyro Bowl.

weekly training recap

Olivia & Lily, runners.

training recap

Penny from trash dog…

training recap

…to training partner.

training recap

Buddy, another great training partner

weekly training recap

Me, pooped but happy that I finished my 10 miles.

Week five is in the books. How is your training going? Keep us up do date with comments or a link.

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    Great job Debbie especially on the intervals and getting through your long run. Yes! I would be a little worried if I had Nietzsche running through my head at mile 1 🙂 And I’m so glad to hear that you went to yoga. Once does count. I haven’t been to the studio in about 2 weeks now and am itching to go.
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