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Have you ever read a great book, seen an inspiring movie, or heard a great joke, and thought, “I’ve got to share that!” Of course you have! Here are a few things from my Reader in the last week that inspired and motivated me, made me happy, sad, and angry, made my stomach growl, and made me laugh.


As I wrote in my Thursday Thoughts, Penny inspires me to run.

Running & Fitness Inspiration

Fun & Fit, Are Mud Runs for Baby Boomers? So, Kymberly and Alexandra slogged through competed in the Love Mud Run, which I fortunately unfortunately could not attend because I had to work on the weekend. I’m not sure what made me smile more, the concept of two Boom Chicka Boomers (as K & A call those of us of a certain age) covered in mud, the photos and video of them actually doing it, or the description of their adventure. They have some great tips for mud run competitors too.

Miss Zippy, Hardest Week (ever?): Done! Back in the day when I really trained for marathons, I really did train hard. That’s why I love following Amanda in her current marathon training program, because it truly is an ass-kicker. I am training vicariously along with her.

Warrior Spirit, Save Money, Be (Really) Healthy. While I don’t subscribe to a primal or minimalist lifestyle or diet, I enjoyed this post by Khaled about how cutting processed food, unnecessary hygiene products, and living a cleaner lifestyle can not only make you healthier, it can also save you money. Included are some “recipes” for toothpaste, shaving cream, and laundry detergent.

The Great Fitness Experiment, Tween Running Phenoms Pose an Interesting Dilemma. As a mom and a cross country coach, I read Charlotte’s post with interest. How do you determine appropriate limits for children with extraordinary talent? Are we risking their health or increasing their chances for success when we allow young children to train and compete at a high level? Are parents qualified to make training decisions for their kids?

Arena Fitness, Top 10 Fitness Myths. A great infograph from Madeleine of fitness myths that many of us still believe.

Vegan Inspiration

Cadry’s Kitchen, Vegan Food: It’s Just Food. I loved this post. I don’t know why the term “vegan food” has such a bad rep, but Cadry puts it all in perspective. It’s true: It’s just food.

Queer Vegan Food, The Queer Vegan Food Cookbook Has Arrived.This is so awesome. Sarah has compiled an amazing list of “queer” recipes from a wonderful assortment of vegan chefs and bloggers who donated their recipes to help the animals. 100% of the proceeds benefit Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary.

Maggie Ink, She’s a Good Dog: In Defense of Broken Animals. Maggie is a vegan who blogs, not a vegan blogger, but she’s a great writer and a true animal lover. I loved this post about her dog Lemon, who was blind and deaf from birth.

Blogging Inspiration

The Sits Girls, Bloggers and Brands: Top 10 Tips for Success. Great information, originally posted by Anne of Fannetastic Food. If you’re a blogger looking to work with brands, there is some great information in this post.

Healthy Living Blogs, Blog Tip Thursdays: 5 Instagram Tips for Bloggers. A great post from Stellina of My Yogurt Addiction, which is filled with tips about using Instagram to promote your blog.

Social Mouths, Why You Need To Take YouTube Seriously in 2013. While Francisco’s post is written for companies urging them to use and understand YouTube, there is a lot of great information for bloggers as well. Do you understand and use YouTube?

Pushing Social, Burned Out Blogger: 7 Ways to Get Your Mojo Back. If you’re a blogger who has been plagued with writer’s block, if you’re having a hard time thinking of an interesting topic, if you feel ready to give it all up, Stanford’s post will help you find your inspiration again.

That’s my list for the week! Do you have any inspirational posts you’d like to share (including your own)? Please link in the comments.


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    Why thank you again for including our post in your round up. And don’t think you are off the hook for joining us on our next adventure. Though if we’re smart, we’ll know not to compete with you in anything involving running. We give – we give- you win that already! Love seeing the other blogs you include as well Went and read almost all of them!

    Did we mention the HUGE, STEEP MOUNTAIN we had to climb near the end of the Mud Run course? Holy cow! Practically a cliff!
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