Thursday Thoughts: The Price of Racing

I was inspired to make this vlog after reading this post about the high cost of racing,  over on Marcia’s Healthy Slice, “How Much is Too Much?” In it Marcia discusses the rising cost of race registrations. That got a spirited conversation going in the comment section (including my own rant, which I am reproducing in the video).

Thursday Thoughts

Another post caught my attention this week, The $500 Marathon, from Health on the Run, discussing the plan the New York Roadrunner’s Club finally decided on to resolve the issues surrounding the cancellation of the 2012 New York City Marathon due to Hurricane Sandy. One of the options: they keep your money and your  receive a guaranteed spot in the 2013 or 2014 NYC Marathon for only, you’ve got it, $500 (or more if they choose to raise prices on either of those races).

Anyway, if you haven’t gathered my feelings from the tone of my writing, please enjoy the video.

What do you thing about race prices? Would you pay a (really) high price for a premium marathon?

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    I am so on the same page with you. With the rising cost of races, I have scaled back the number I have registered for and have really been forced to eliminate some of the fun ones. In order to make up the difference I have registered for far less expensive small local races and sometimes virtual races … it’s just not the same!!
    Sarah MomRunningonEmpty recently posted..Silk Almond Milk is My New BFFMy Profile

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      I think it’s really sad that by charging such exorbitant prices, they shut out a huge part of the population that would really love to participate. I mean, I live comfortably, but I still don’t have the extra cash to throw $150 at one race. I used to do several marathons, half marathons, plus a bunch of 5ks a year. No more. Now we have to pick and choose.
      Debbie recently posted..Thursday Thoughts: The Price of RacingMy Profile

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    So many people ask me why I pay to run races when I can run for free from my front door. It is kind of ridiculous. The most I’ve ever paid for a race is $100. I like to stick with small local races where most of the money goes to a specific charity. Anything over that? No thanks!
    Angela @ Happy Fit Mama recently posted..January 2013 in ReviewMy Profile

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    Thank you for the shout! That race I was talking about on my blog BTW, did lower their price to $105 vs $150 for the full, $85/$115 half ( the half is still too much for a small town race IMO) but they’re already close to selling out.
    Marcia recently posted..Look What the Cat Dragged InMy Profile

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    Totally agree with you. I am so done with the outrageous prices going on. There is a Nike 1/2 marathon in DC this spring where the price is $160. For a half! And the sad thing is, people had to enter a lottery to get in. So sadly, I think there is a whole generation that is willing to pay this.

    Good for you for taking a stand and so glad to hear you wrote your letter to the newspaper! We all need to do this.
    misszippy recently posted..Miles of Shame–Super Bowl StyleMy Profile

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      I agree with you. Those of us who are, ahem, a little more experienced, realize how crazy these prices are. But, as long as people keep paying them, it will just get worse. I think it’s sad because I now a lot of really good runners can’t afford to run races anymore.
      Debbie recently posted..Thursday Thoughts: The Price of RacingMy Profile

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    I don’t run but I totally agree with you. We walked the Reggae half marathon in Jamaica a few years ago and it wasn’t that expensive to me, I think around $80 but then again we don’t usually race so I can totally see how it would hurt the pocket of regular runners.

    Oh and I wanted to say what cute kids you have there in the video!
    Angie @ Losing It and Loving It recently posted..Common Running Injuries: A Helpful GuideMy Profile

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    I am with you. I have decided to be really selective about my races. Last year was my first year racing and I ran 14 races since April. I am sad that I can’t keep up that pace, but I had a $25 off code for Active. It worked for about 8 races… It was awesome. I need that kind of luck again!
    Mindy Artze recently posted..Are you a #goalgetter2013?My Profile

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    i go back and forth about races all the time. i have to really want to do it to pay the fee. i am actually visiting palm desert this weekend and running the palm springs half for fun!

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      Maybe I’ll see you out there. My husband is announcing and I’ll either run the 5k or do my long run a long the course. It would be fun to meet!

      Thank goodness that small local races are still affordable. This one benefits the Jody Klein Breast Cancer Fund, which is named after the sister of my friend Greg Klein, the race director.

      There will also be a booth for my friend Jeff Rasmussen, who I wrote about a couple months ago. He was suddenly diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor and against all odds survived the surgery and is now going through chemo and radiation. They will be having a raffle with some great donated prizes. The money will help offset some of their enormous medical bills (he had no insurance).
      Debbie recently posted..Checking In: Blogging Goals, Challenges, and #28DBCMy Profile

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