The Training Plan: Finally Getting Started on Goal #1

Fit GoalsJanuary has been a challenging month (boy, that’s putting it mildly).  Way back at the beginning of the year, I made what I thought were achievable goals for 2013, both for this blog and for my training. I still think they are very achievable, but to this point in the year I have taken no steps toward achieving them. I can honestly say that I have done the best that I can, but circumstances have ganged up on me made it challenging.

I was sick for the first 10 days of the month. Really sick. I didn’t run at all for eight days. When I did feel better and start back, I knew I needed to concentrate on building up my endurance. That proved difficult because the next weekend I had to travel to San Diego, and didn’t run at all. Finally, last weekend, while dealing with the memorial arrangements for my aunt, I made sure I took the time to run. Those runs were great because I challenged myself a little bit, both by the effort I put forth (with my Marine running partners!), and the distance (15 miles in three days). That made me feel like I had a starting point from which to start.

I am excited to say that I picked a race, the La Jolla Half Marathon, which is on April 28. It is a tough race with a lot of hills, so I will incorporate some hill workouts in my training. I’m almost afraid to say this out loud, but I would like to finish in two hours. It’s been a few years since I’ve run under two hours in a half marathon, but last year I finished in just under 2:13 with basically zero training. So, what’s a minute a mile?


As I said, La Jolla Half Marathon has hills.

I have put together a training plan. I will have four running days a week. I’m planning one long run day, one tempo run a week alternating with a hill workout starting at about week six. After a few weeks of building endurance, I’m adding an interval workout on the track once a week. The final run will be a medium long (usually six miles because it’s on a work day), moderate pace run. I’m happy that Alan will be joining me for the track workouts, something we did together for years, always at about 5:00 in the morning. I’m pretty sure he will join me on my long runs too, because he’ll be training for a 70.3 triathlon and will be increasing his mileage too.

My running schedule is a little odd because of my work hours. Three days a week I work at 5:30 in the morning, so running before work is out of the question. I know myself, so running after work is pretty much out of the question too. That means I run on Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. If I plan three focus runs per week (interval, tempo or hills, long run), there is no way to avoid having two hard workouts back to back. I have chosen to be a weekend warrior, running my tempo or hill workout on Saturday, followed by my long run on Sunday. Plus, I plan to attend a yoga class on Saturday. Sounds like a lot, but I will note that I’m training for a half marathon not a full, so my longest run will be 12, not 20-something. Still, a challenge, which is okay. I hope to be up to the challenge. If you’re interested, my plan is in the google doc below.

Training Plan

Click on the pic for the google doc

So, off I go! It feels good to finally get started on my training. Now, on to those blogging goals (and to get going on month one of the Blog Improvement Challenge!). I’m also joining Katy Widrick’s 28 Day Blog Challenge in February and I’m really excited about that (you can still join!).

I have a feeling I won’t be slowing down any time soon!

How are your goals going? Have you made adjustments? Are you up for a Blog Challenge?

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      Thanks. The yoga class I really like (with the instructor I really, really like) is on Saturdays at 9:00. I would be difficult, especially as the runs get longer, to do both. Plus,her class is hard, and very challenging to “long run legs.”

      Ironically, I did end up doing my longer run today, so I’m switching Saturday’s plan to Sunday. And I was too late for yoga by the time we were done.
      Debbie recently posted..The Training Plan: Finally Getting Started on Goal #1My Profile

  1. says

    Looks good Debbie! Having a training plan always makes my workouts better since I have a tangible goal in mind 🙂 Best of luck with the blogging challenge too! I will check it out but those usually require daily blogging and I spend too much time on my posts to make that work (what with the day job and all!)
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