Starting the New Year with a Whimper (and a Croak), Plus a Yogi Clothing Review

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I am sick. I mean, really sick. Sicker than I can remember being in a long, long time. Until today, I have not turned on my computer for three days (that says something, doesn’t it?). When I last made an appearance here, I wrote that I’d spent the day in bed, getting lots of rest, with the hope to get better quickly. That was five days ago!

The next day, New Year’s Day, I thought that I felt better. In fact, I ran two miles with no problem (not that that is a long run, but after being sick…). Then, because I wanted to start my new year off with a bang, and get going right way on my goals (something else I haven’t written yet, though I did start the post and added a photo) I went to yoga. Yoga seemed like the perfect thing, not only because of my goal to get back to my practice, but because my yoga studio, Yoga Central, was doing a special, 105 minute New Year Kick Off Vinyasa + Yin. Well, it sounded like a good idea at the time.

Another reason I was excited about finally going to yoga was to try out an outfit from Yogi Clothing. They had sent me an outfit that I had selected to try out a couple months ago, but I’m sad to say, it’s been that long since I went to class. I picked the Racerback Tank and the Wild Leg Rollover Pant. Both were super soft and comfy jersey, the top 100% cotton, the pants with a little spandex.

First of all, I love this company. I love their clothing, their service and their philosphy. From their “about” page:

We believe in the power of imagination, and utilizing positive energy to achieve goals

I also loved my outfit. The fit was pretty good, though the pants were rather long. They did get a little caught up during my yoga practice. The fabric was so soft and comfy, though, I could wear them all day. There is a shelf bra in the tank, which was adequate for my simple needs, but larger chested women will probably want to wear a sports bra.

Yogi Clothing Review

 Okay, that picture was taken after an 105 minute class, and remember, I am sick.  All in all, I totally support this company and their clothing. While my pants weren’t right for my yoga, they were my choice, and I still love the look and feel of them. Just something a little shorter next time. And there will be a next time.

Currently, Yogi Clothing is offering 20% off for joining their mailing list.

Now, back to being sick. Which is actually what I did after yoga. I came home and didn’t do anything except watch football for the rest of the day. Yes, I know a lot of people did that, but I don’t really like football all that much. I had to go back to work the next day, even though I felt like I was getting sicker. My voice was coming and going, my cough was worse, but, I’m the boss and I had been gone for four days. I told everyone that my cold was five days old and I wasn’t contagious anymore (I hope that was true).

By Thursday I was just exhausted. I felt somewhat better, but I was so tired. Of course Thursday is a 10 hour day for me, as I see two private clients after work. I finally got home and went straight to bed. No dinner, I wasn’t hungry (if you know me, you know how unusual that is).

Then I woke up at about 1:00 because I was getting a headache. I immediately took my migraine meds, but they didn’t help. On came the headache, and the nausea, which kept me up for most of the rest of the night. Because I was opening my fitness center, and it is hard to find a replacement at 4:00 am, I had to go in to work. So, medicated on Imitrex, Tylenol, and cough medicine, I went to work (scary, I know).

Fortunately, my assistant was coming in at 8:00, so I waited it out, actually got a few things done, then left for home and bed as soon as she got there. I spent the rest of the day and into the night in my bed, surrounded by my dogs (including Olivia, who you’ll see in the video). I couldn’t keep anything down, so I was starving by the evening (no dinner the night before either, remember?). Nothing sounded like food I could handle. Oatmeal, no (tried it in the morning and it didn’t last), banana, no (I had two during the day, one stayed down, the other didn’t. I didn’t want a third). I had this weird craving for corn chowder (you’ll probably see a recipe in a few days), but I had neither the ingredients nor the energy to prepare it. I finally ate a baked (microwaved) potato, with just a little vegan butter and salt, which has long been a comfort food for me. It helped and it stayed down (hurray!).

This morning the headache was gone, along with the nausea. I’m still coughing and sniffling, but it seems better. Of course, anything without a migraine is better, so it may be my imagination, but I do think I’m on my way back. Probably not ready for a run tomorrow (though explaining that to Penny is so difficult), but maybe by Tuesday, my next scheduled run day.

Now to get going on that 2013 Fitness Goals post!

I hope that your new year started off with more of a bang than a whimper. How have the first few days of 2013 been for you?

Disclosure: Yogi Clothing sent me an outfit of my choice. All opinions are my own.

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    So sorry you haven’t been feeling well! (I know how it feels, I’m just coming off a bad cold!)

    Love the clothing! I’m small chested and so I know I would love that top…just like that :)

    I checked out their website…they’ve got some reallllly nice stuff!

    Feel better soon!
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