Sweaty Saturday/Sunday Run-day Rolled Into One! Plus the MizFit Skort!

So much to write about, so little time. Start with a little alliteration, sprinkle in some questionable poetry, add a brilliant run, top with cute clothing that benefits a great cause, and you have…this post!

I was alone with 30 kids on Saturday. Sounds scary, doesn’t it? Alan was announcing the Arizona Half Marathon on the same day as our cross country meet in Huntington Beach, so with the exception of a very helpful parent and a great team captain, I was flying solo.

In the meantime, on Friday Alan drove the three and a half hour drive to Goodyear, Arizona without his chief navigator. This year they added a trail half marathon to the road half and 5k, which I was kind of sad about missing (although I’m really not in shape to run a half marathon, especially on trails, but that’s never stopped me before!).

Arizona Half Marathon

Photo from last year’s race.

Arizona Half Marathon

Alan brought me some swag from the race, a running cap and a compass.

As for me, the team and I (and their parents) got to sleep in a little because our first race wasn’t until 11:25, meaning the bus left the school at 7:30 in the morning. In the daylight. It was very nice to enjoy the cooler weather in Huntington Beach, where the high was under 80 degrees. Finally! The team ran well and looked great.

Varsity Girls

They’re such posers!


Varsity Boys

The boys try, but at least three of them have short attention spans for posing.

Varsity Girls

Coaches got a little swag at our meet too:


Find Your Strong backpack and bracelets, sponsored by Saucony and Snail’s Pace Running Stores


After the meet, we headed to the beach, where the kids get to enjoy the ocean if they want. I had hoped to see my grandson’s, so I walked over to their house (right around the corner from where the bus was able to find parking). Unfortunately, they weren’t home, so I sat in their front patio, ate my lunch, charged my phone, and enjoyed the lovely weather. After a while, I strolled over to Starbucks, then headed back to the bus to meet the team.

I didn’t get home until 9:00. Alan had been home for hours. All in all, with the exception of six hours on a school bus and missing out on seeing the grandsons, a nice, but long, day.

On Sunday, I dared to not set the alarm. Alan and I were both pretty pooped from our long Saturdays, so we enjoyed sleeping in just a little bit. It was 7:30 when we headed out for our run. That would have been impossible even a week ago, but it is finally cooling off here. As I sit writing this at 1:00, it is 93 degrees outside, but it was probably in the mid 70s when we started our seven mile run.

I was trying out a new pair of shoes, Mizuno Wave Riders, for the first time. I love the bright purple and red colors of the shoe! I felt like a more athletic version of the Red Hat Society ladies.

Mizuno Wave Riders

Trail Running

Trail Running

trail running

Checking out my phone’s panorama capabilities

I don’t know if it was the shoes, the company, the weather, or what, but it was a brilliant run. I felt light on my feet and strong. I was happy to run 7.3 miles today, longer than I’ve run in months.

Finally, if you will notice the new link in my sidebar, for MizFitOnline’s new workout skort. She designed it personally to flatter and fit beautifully. For some info and pictures of Miz modeling, click here. Not only will you look great, you will also do good. Miz is donating 100% of her profit ($5 per skort) to the Mayan Families charity. Want the skort? Click here or below:

 photo Signature_zps65e035a8.png Sharing is Caring!

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  1. says

    Hooray for sweaty Saturday! It sounds like you had a great time. Again I always love seeing your team – I always hope they’ll do well.

    I am super jealous of those new shoes :-). And of that run it sounds fantastic. I really think that nothing beats one of those excellent runs where you could just go forever.
    Kate recently posted..Mental Monday and RoyaltyMy Profile

  2. says

    oh those skorts are adorable! love your xc team! the pics of them are too sweet! its so apperant that you just love what you do, and i admire that!!

  3. says

    I miss seeing the mountains on rides or runs! It great that you all keep running and teaching these kids that its something they can do for life.

    I can’t speak on the Skort as i have zero experience wearing those ;) haha
    Chris Donnelly recently posted..WAR AGAINST CANCERMy Profile

  4. says

    Yeah, but a 7 mile trail run seems like it would be the equivalent of a 10 mile road run, right? So, it’s no wonder that you needed to recover. I did a slightly shorter race on Saturday and was beat for the remainder of the day.

    I’ll have to respectfully pass on the skort. I just don’t have the legs for it.
    Jonathan Aluzas recently posted..Mission Control, Are We Clear For Launch?My Profile

  5. says

    I am pretty envious that after a half, Alan ran the next day. I need a 3 day recover! One day, I will be running again too, and not be in such pain! Inspiring! Great shots of you two with your doggie! beautiful setting! and…awesome new kicks!!! I love the new trend of the bright colors!
    fizzgig recently posted..Don’t Go For Second Best, Baby…My Profile

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