Wednesday Workout: The Debate Workout

Just a quick post before the debate starts. Get warmed up and ready, because this workout is going to kick your butt!

(Inspired by this infogram that I saw on facebook today.)

The 2012 Presidential Debate Workout

If President Obama says: “Let me be clear,” get down and give me 20 pushups

If Governor Romney touts his plan to create 12 million jobs, give me 20 squats

If either candidate completely ignores the question and instead discusses his plan for the economy, open the door, run to the end of the block and back. You’ve heard it all before anyway.

If President Obama uses the term, “47%,” it’s time for burpees. 10 will suffice. Full ones.

If Governor Romney uses the term, “Obamacare,” give me 50 sit ups. Full ones.

If either candidate goes over his allotted time, get down on the floor and hold a plank until the host stops them.

Remember, the rules (which I just made up) state that you must complete these exercises every time the candidate does or says any of the above actions.

Good luck. I hope that you have a friend or partner to watch the debate with. He or she will probably have to peel you off the floor when it’s done.

Note that there are two more debates this month, on October 16 and 22. You should be in great shape by November!

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    I’m kind of embarrassed to admit this, but I had cross country practice and didn’t get home until it was over. Though I heard that the President did not use the term “47%” so I wouldn’t have had to do any burpees. And that actually makes me very sad.
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