Weekly Reader: Here is What Inspired Me This Week

Have you ever read a great book, seen an inspiring movie, or heard a great joke, and thought, “I’ve got to share that!” Of course you have! Here are a few things from my Reader in the last week that inspired and motivated me, made me happy, sad, and angry, made my stomach growl, and made me laugh.

I offer you another huge list this week. I can’t seem to pick and choose because there are so many fabulous writers and articles out there. So here are a few a lot of my favorites. I tried to break them into categories for easier perusal.


A Must Read for Beginners! Bex Life, 5 Fitness Tips for Beginners. Bex makes great videos and this one is designed expressly for beginners! She even has a challenge for you!

Best New Workout: Fitknitchick, Trampoline Fitness: 5 Benefits of Adding Some Spring to Your Workouts. As usual, Tamara interests and challenges us with new workouts, this time on a trampoline. She lists the benefits and offers suggestions for your first class.

Runners! This is for you: Dr. Rachel Runs, Twelve Ways to Avoid Running Disaster. I love this post. Rachel has a comprehensive list of thing that can go wrong in a race or just a regular run and gives you both solutions and means of prevention.

You know you’re an, ahem, older runner whenMiss Zippy, Then and Now…or that you’ve been running a long time, when you can relate to Miss Zippy’s post about how what we have always believed about running has changed over the years.

Trail Running is the Bomb! Banana Buzzbomb, Buzz: My Crazy Idea – Venturing Into Trail Running. Because I love Heidi and want to run with her.

You Go Girl! Fun & Fit, Stumbling Blocks are Not Walls: Setting New Fitness Challenges After Surgery. Alexandra talks about recovery, how it changes as we get older, and about her plan to walk a half marathon in October just months after foot surgery.

Nutrition and Weight Loss

Important Nutrition Info for Parents: Spoonfed, Handout: Why Schools and Junk Food Don’t Mix. And What Educators Can Do About It. A great article and handout about how to keep junk food out of classrooms. There are guidelines about what is served in the cafeteria (for what they’re worth ~ dw), but nothing about snacks that are served in the classroom, especially for younger children.

Weight Loss Should Be Healthy: Disease Proof, Weight Watchers Focuses on Weight, Not Health. Joel Fuhrman, MD, specializes in nutritional medicine and is the author of Eat to Live. He makes his case why Weight Watcher should go beyond weight loss and recommend foods that improve your health too.

More on Weight Loss: Weighty Matters, Why is Weight Loss Quackery Being Sold by Pharmacists? Though Yoni lives in Canada, this really applies all of us. Why do pharmacists push the latest weight loss fads?

All about Vegan: From Recipes to How To:

Vegan Recipes! JL Goes Vegan, Favorite Fall Recipes (Vegan). As our weather cools, our food changes too. BBQs are done, now it’s time to move on to soups and stews. Here is a list of a few of JL’s favorite fall recipes.

Vegan for a Week? The Naked Kitchen, Surprise Yourself! You may understand the benefits of going meat free, but you feel you couldn’t give up ______ (you fill in the blank). Sarah has a challenge for you, plus some important information that may help you make a choice to go veg for a week.

Is Science on our Side? Vegansaurus, Debating the Scientific Merits of a Vegan Diet with the Wall Street Journal. Linking to an article in the Wall Street Journal, where two professors of nutritional science argue for and against a vegan diet.

Food Porn Alert! Cadry’s Kitchen, Grilled Polenta with Great Northern Bean Bruschetta. The pictures of this dish make my mouth water. I haven’t made polenta for years, but this I’m going to try. And I love anything that has the word “bruschetta” in it.

Simply Inspiring, Educational, or Funny

Pet Owners Take Note: simple. green. organic. happy., Take Better (pet) Photographs! Giveaway: Beautiful Beasties. I need this post. Badly. With all my dogs, I’m taking photos all the time, but I feel lucky when I take a good picture of them. Robin offers some great advice for photographing your pets and she has a giveaway!

The Weekly Edition ofTri-ing to Be Athletic, Business in the Front, Party in the Back: A TriForever Review and Giveaway. I have stated that any week in which Julie posts, it will be included in my Weekly Reader. She is so talented and funny, and I appreciate the time she spends to create her wonderful blog.

Meet the Tornado: MizFitOnline, It’s How I Do. I love this post from Miz about when the daughter becomes the role model for the mother.


Best Blog Advice: Pushing Social, 10 Characteristics of a Spectacular Blog. I know I include Stanford’s blog a lot here. With good reason, he has such great advice for improving and marketing your own blog.

Wow, it has taken me a long time to put this post together. Things like work, cooking, eating, etc. kept getting in my way, darn it. But, results tell, and here is one of the things that I cooked that made not writing worthwhile:

I think that’s pretty inspirational too.

Your turn! Any amazing posts that you’d like to share? (If you’re proud of one of your own, please share that, too!)

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