Weekly Reader: What Inspired Me This Week.

Have you ever read a great book, seen an inspiring movie, or heard a great joke, and thought, “I’ve got to share that!” Of course you have! Here are a few things from my Reader in the last week that inspired and motivated me, made me happy, sad, and angry, made my stomach growl, and made me laugh.

I found these beautiful horses at our cross country meet to be inspiring. When the athletes would run by, these magnificent animals would run along with them – just for fun!

Unlike last week’s Reader, where I focused on delicious vegan recipes from around the web, there are no recipes this week. Today I have a mixed bag of fitness tips and race reports, blogging tips, and, while there are no recipes, several posts that discuss vegan diets, cookbooks, and advocacy.

Do you workout with your spouse? Here’s why you should: Bex Life, Top 5 Health, Sex and Relationship Benefits of Workout Out with Your Spouse or Partner. No deep research, just things that Bex has discovered over time working out with her husband. (Who needs research? I’ve been working out with my husband since we met and I totally agree with her conclusions!)

Best Advice for Fitness Instructors: Fitknitchick, Tips for Teaching Fitness Classes for Older Adults. Alexandra from Fun & Fit guest posting on Tamara’s blog. I loved this post because this is what I do. I personal train and teach group exercise classes for older adults (average age around 65-70).  Every time I thought of something to add, I read on and Alexandra covered it.

I Told You this was My New Favorite: Tri-ing to be Athletic, Undisputed Proof that I’m Not Related to Lance Armstrong: Chelan Man Sprint (the bike). Julie and her illustrations make me laugh out loud. Here is her recap of the bike portion of her race.

Volunteer of the Week Award: Just Keep Running, Giving Back to the Run Community. If you’re a runner, have you ever volunteered at a race? If not, why not? Here is Paulette’s recap of her volunteer experience.

Most Inspirational: One Fit Foodie, Flawed “Diet” and “Body Image” Thinking. Naomi wants you to change your thinking. If you are always on a diet, or look in the mirror and see what’s wrong with your body, or if the numbers on your scale can make or break your day, you need to read this post.

New Vegans (or thinking about it)! This is for you! Cadry’s Kitchen, Going Vegan: Making New Food Traditions and Learning the Language of Vegan: 10 Meals that are Easy to Veganize. Two posts this week from Cadry to help you change your thinking and your menus if you are making the transition to a plant based diet.

Most Thoughtful Post: The Thinking Vegan, Why Don’t You Care About Animals? The Thinking Vegan is a blog about veganism as a social justice movement. Here they answer a question that animal advocates hear frequently, “Why don’t you care about people?”

Another Question Vegans Frequently Hear: Choosing Raw, If I Need to Take a Supplement, How Can a Vegan Diet Be Natural? Gena posts a lot of delicious vegan recipes, both raw and cooked. She is also a thoughtful and insightful vegan advocate. Here she answers why a vegan diet is “natural.”

Ooh, More Cookbooks to Buy! The No Meat Athlete, 9 Essential Cookbooks for the Plant-Based Athlete. Here Matt lists his favorite cookbooks. (I have about half of them).

For the Bloggers Out There: Pushing Social, Blog Mastery Weekend #7: Why You Aren’t Making Money with your Blog. If you are a blogger who wants to have financial success, either from your blog itself, or from the interest your blog builds for your business, you should be following Stanford’s blog. Period.

Another Tip for Bloggers: Social Mouths, 5 Most Common Mistakes when Running Facebook Contests. I know a lot of bloggers who run contests through facebook. Here is a guest post by Aaron Lee from Binkd, that can help you stay within the guidelines and create great contests.

As always, I hope you will share your favorites posts of the week. What’s in your Reader?

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