Weekend Reader: #Vegan Recipe Inspiration

Have you ever read a great book, seen an inspiring movie, or heard a great joke, and thought, “I’ve got to share that!” Of course you have! Here are a few things from my Reader in the last week that inspired and motivated me, made me happy, sad, and angry, made my stomach growl, and made me laugh.

The sky over La Quinta was inspiring on Sunday when I finished my virtual 5 mile race (probably because I was finished with the hard part and finally walking!).

Since I had no recipes in last week’s reader, I decided to dedicate this week to delicious (sounding and looking, I admit that I haven’t tried most of these recipes) vegan recipes.

Best Soup Recipe: What the Hell Does a Vegan Eat Anyway, Hominy Soup with Hickory Smoked Tofu. It is still summer, and it is still hot, but this soup looks so yummy I don’t think I’ll wait for fall to make it. With two types of hominy, home made corn stock, and smoked tofu, it makes my mouth water just to think about it.

Best Say Goodbye to Summer Barbecue Recipe: Healthy. Happy. Life, BBQ Hasselback Tofu and Cheezy Kale Chips. Two recipes from Kathy today. First, sometimes I just love the smoky taste of barbecue sauce, and this recipe lives up to it’s promise. And the name, Cheezy Kale Chips? Enough said.

Best “Healthy with a Bit of Naughty” Recipe: Spa Bettie, Cheesy Roasted Hasselback Tomatoes. Healthy meaning roasted tomatoes, naughty meaning cheese sauce. Yummy. I will say that I did not know that “Hasselback” meant until this week when I had two recipes to post and they seemed so different I figured I’d better look it up (sliced accordion style).

Best Salad Recipe: The Naked Kitchen, Purple Pepper Black Bean Salad. I love Sarah and Kristy’s recipes. They are healthy, delicious, and beautiful too. This purple (and orange and yellow) pepper salad is so colorful that it just says, “summer salad.”

Best Zucchini Recipe: Sexy Vegan Mama, Zucchini Cakes with Spicy Cream Sauce. First of all, how can you go wrong with a blog name like Sexy Vegan Mama? I love zucchini, and it is so plentiful in the summer. These cakes look delicious, and I love cream sauce too, something I usually can’t touch because, you know, the cream. Thanks Christina-Marie for keeping creamy in my life.

Best Veggie Pasta and How-To Post: Oh, She Glows, Two Veggie “Pasta” Dishes and How to Spiralize Vegetables without a Spiralizer. “Spiralizing” zucchini or other vegetables is a great way to make “pasta” without the, well, pasta, but not all of us own a spiralizer (seriously, though, I plan to own one some day). Angela shows us how to do it without the machine. And she includes a couple veggie pasta recipes!

Best Veggie Pasta (yes, it’s my post and I can have two favorites): Choosing Raw, Raw Foods How-To: Zucchini Taggliatelle (with a Recipe). Gena shows you “pasta” making techniques both with and without a spiralizer and includes a recipe.

My Favorite Vegan: JL Goes Vegan, Creamy Spinach Bow Tie Pasta Salad. I’ve been reading JL’s blog for a long time and have watched her transformation into a vegan chef, advocate, and teacher. This recipe is a great introduction, but I hope you’ll stick around and read more about her life and lifestyle.

Best Quinoa Recipe: For the Love of Kale, Zesty Mexi Quinoa Bowl. You know how I love quinoa. I’m always on the lookout for new, delicious recipes, and Heather’s spicy bowl fills the bill. Not only is it easy, it is healthy and full of delicious whole foods that are good for you!

What were your favorites for the week? Any great recipes you want to share? (They don’t have to be vegan, I see that as a challenge!).

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