Sweaty Sunday: Virtual Race, Day 2

I’m posting on the fly today, from my phone as we drive to a party up in the mountains of Idyllwild. an hour from home and 25 degrees cooler. We decided to spend the afternoon enjoying the cool weather andthe smell of pine trees.

I am participating in Mommy, Run Fast’s Virtual 5 Mile Race. After completing my run yesterday (in a respectable 46:50), I just knew I could do better. After all, my course was tough, starting off with the first two miles uphill.


It was a beautiful morning, even better than the day before. I had decided to create a fast course, so I started with a one mile uphill warmup. That allowed me to run the next two miles downhill, on the road. Awesome start, I was running under 8 minute miles!

I did pause at mile 1.5 to drop Penny at home. She’s a great runner, but she is 11 years old and I didn’t want to push her too much. I also saw a loose dog at about mile 2, tried to catch it (he had tags) but he just kept running away from me. I admit, I turned off my Garmin in both these instances.


The next three miles were pretty flat. I had a bit of exercise induced asthma at about mile 3.5 and I had to slow down a bit. I didn’t have an inhaler with me ((I usually don’t work so hard!). I was able to work through it, though I did run slower for the last mile.

I was thrilled that I was able to finish three minutes faster than Saturday’s run! I ran 5 miles in 43:48, an 8:45 pace. I planned my route so that I finished at the bottom of the hill, so I used the last half mile home to cool down.


I’m so happy that I participated in Laura’s virtual race. The only thing that would be even better would be to win some of the awesome prizes!

Doing this race has also inspired me to add some speed training into the mix. For a long time, my running has consisted of, well, just running. No intervals or tempo runs, just long(ish) slow distance. I’d like to get faster again, it feels good, so I’ll have to add that type of training.

I am the Running Girl!

I want to thank Laura from Mommy, Run Fast for organizing the race, and all the runners who participated. Check the website for links to read all the stories (I’ll link here when the post is up).

How is your weekend going? Did you participate in any races, virtual or otherwise, or other event? Do tell!

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