Weekly Reader: Words that Inspire

I’ve renamed the post for this week since Weekend Reader doesn’t seem to fit when you can’t get it finished by the weekend. We’ll be back to our normal series output by next weekend.

Have you ever read a great book, seen an inspiring movie, or heard a great joke, and thought, “I’ve got to share that!” Of course you have! Here are a few things from my Reader in the last week that inspired and motivated me, made me happy, sad, and angry, made my stomach growl, and made me laugh.

Huntington Beach

I find the Pacific Ocean inspiring. This is from our trip to Huntington Beach last week.

Cross Country Car Wash

I also find teenagers working hard pretty inspiring.


Best Blogging and Writing Tips: Pushing Social, Blog Mastery Weekend #5: Crawling Inside Your Reader’s Mind. As always, Standford offers tips that every blogger should be reading. This week he tells you how to find out what your reader wants to know. Hint: It’s easy! Click and find out.

My Favorite “I’m Absolutely Going to Start Doing This” Post: No Meat Athlete, 5 Easy Ways to Get Even More From Your Smoothie. I know that my readers are a bunch of smoothie drinkers, so you’re going to love this. Matt offers great ideas for everything from making your smoothie more nutritious to tips for easing the process each morning.

Safety on the Run: Banana Buzzbomb, Safety While Running. As someone who was attacked while running years ago, I will always highlight posts about running safely. Heidi offers tips to keep you safe and alert on the roads.

New to My Reader and Oh-So-Funny: Tri-ing to be Athletic, I’ve Never Had the Best Sense of Direction, the ChelanMan Sprint Tri (the Swim). If you’ve never read Julie’s blog you need to GO THERE RIGHT NOW! I’ll wait. The girl has talent and she is oh-so-funny. Last week in my call for other links, Amy from Running Escapades sent me to Julie’s blog. Seriously (or not), this is my new favorite blog.

Important Nutrition for Vegans: Running Dummy, Vegetarian/Vegan Diet and B12 Deficiency. Jon posts a great reminder for vegetarians and vegans about the need for B12 supplementation. Jon is clearly not a dummy.

I Can’t Be a Bully, I’m Just Giving My Opinion: Run to the Finish, Blogger Bullies. Bullies are in the news recently, which makes Amanda’s post all the more compelling. I’m sure my intro line to this post has been used by many a bully. Great post.

My Favorite Post This Week: One Fit Foodie, The Unhealthy Side of “Healthy Living Blogs”. Healthy living bloggers should read Naomi’s post with an open mind because she makes some important and truthful points about the responsibilities we have to our readers.

My “Can’t We All Just Get Along” Favorite: Miss Zippy, HIIT/CrossFit vs. Endurance Athletes: Can’t We Call a Truce?. Two weeks in a row for Miss Zippy! Here she asks why, as athletes, we just can’t agree to disagree.

My Favorite Post About Weight Loss: The Business of Losing Weight, 5 Things That Hinder Weight Loss. Seriously, Hank may have picked the issues that affect him, but if you’re trying to lose weight, reading this post will help you recognize some things that you may be doing to sabotage yourself. Tip #1: Don’t Wait (read this post now!).

My Favorite “Keep Me Informed About the Crappy Things that Companies That Sell Unhealthy Products Do” post: Weighty Matter, The Long Angry Arm of Coca Cola. As usual, Yoni has the scoop on health, politics, and business. Here’s what’s happens when you piss off Coca Cola.

Do You Have the Right To Know What’s In Your Food? Monsanto Doesn’t Think SoCalifornia Right to Know, The Top 10 Lies Told By Monsanto, If you didn’t think that Monsanto was a bunch of cheating liars before, you will after you read this post about the lengths they will go to keep Californians from knowing what is in their food.

Unbelievably, as I’m finishing this post, I realize I don’t have a recipe post listed! I know I had some favorites this week. Oh, well, we’ll double them up next week.

What were your faves for the week? Any recipes?

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