Back to Yoga. Yet Again.

Yes, I’m writing this post again. Even though I said I’d never let my yoga go. Even though I hate starting over. Even though I did a 30 day yoga challenge just so this would not happen. It happened.

I can make excuses, good excuses. But they don’t make sense. I love running and even though it has been hot and humid and miserable, I’ve managed to keep going. I love yoga almost as much, and I’ve let it go.

It has been about a month since my last yoga class, and even before that I’d been slipping from most days of the week, to twice, to once.

Since writing about it is apparently the only way I can inspire myself to practice yoga at least somewhat regularly, here I am.

So today I am very proud of myself because I did, wait for it, 20 minutes of yoga! It doesn’t sound like much, but, first of all, I am so happy that I did it, and second, it was hard! I did a 20 minute Balancing Flow audio from, and boy did I notice that not only had I lost some strength, my balance was much poorer. In only a month! So, it’s back to work.

Yoga Challenge

I love going to my favorite studio, Yoga Central, whenever I can, but sometimes their schedule does not align with mine. That is why I love Yoga Download so much. The instruction is great, you can choose the type, length, and level of your class, and play it whenever you want. So, since Yoga Download inspired me today, I thought I’d share my favorite audios with you.

In no particular order:

Yoga for Runners (60 min): The is a great class for strengthening and stretching all those “running” muscles: hamstrings, quad, calves, hips (oh yes, hips), plus providing balance by strengthening your upper body.

Power Vinyasa Flow #5 (60 min) Imaginative flowing moves are the highlight of this well taught class. Clear concise instructions make this challenging class very doable (plus you have your pose guide if you’re not sure about an asana).

Lunchtime Flow #1 (30 min) In spite of the name, it’s perfect for any time of the day when you only have a half an hour to practice.

Core Yoga #1 (20, 30 & 60 min) Just exactly what it says, even the 20 minute class is tough.

Power Vinyasa Flow #3 (60 min) What can I say, I love the power flow classes.

Hip Opening Flow #2 (60 min) This is the class you will love to hate, especially if you have tight hips.

Power Yoga #2 (75 min) The is the perfect class when you want a challenge and need to spend a little longer practicing.

Sun Salutations Flow #2 (30 min) A great way to start the day, or anytime you have 30 minutes to greet the sun.

Restorative Yoga (35 min) Ahhhhhhh. Enough said.

Hanumanasana Flow (60 min) I couldn’t do the splits even when I was very young. I still can’t, but working with this class is about as close as I’ll ever get.

While I tend to love Vinyasa, there are also classes for Anusara, Ashtanga, Hatha, and many, many more. They even have Pilates classes! The 20 minutes classes are usually free and all classes come with a free pose guide. And while I always use the audio classes, they do have videos too.

This may sound like an advertisement, and yes, I am an affiliate, meaning I make a few dollars if you join, but I have not received anything from Yoga Download. I paid for my own membership and all my words here are my own. I do hope that if you choose to join, you will either use the ad link in the side bar, or this:

So, now that I’m back again, I plan to hit April’s class on Saturday and just keep on going. While daily yoga is a lofty goal, I’ll be happy if I practice two or three days a week. Small steps, you know?

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    great job getting back into yoga! i havent done it before, but a brand new yoga, barre, pilates studio opened a mile from my house recently, and ive SO been thinking about joining a class! this motivated me even more now! THANK YOU and happy weekend!!!

  2. says

    Good on you for getting back into it – it’s always hard to start up again. I love yoga, but I just haven’t had the time (or money) for it recently. I stretch a lot, but it’s not the same! Love the links too – really handy. I’m bookmarking this one so I can download me some yoga!
    Kate recently posted..Bugger AllMy Profile

    • says

      Yoga download has different membership options and the prices are pretty reasonable. Plus a lot of the 20 minute classes are free! They do require a little bit of knowledge about poses, but they do have pose guides that are really helpful.

      Yoga studio prices can really add up. I’ve been fortunate to find a couple Groupons for Yoga Central, which save me a ton.
      Debbie recently posted..Back to Yoga. Yet Again.My Profile

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    Once a week is about how often I make it too (when I’m actually going, that is). Now that cross country season is kicking up, by Saturdays will be spent on yellow school buses traveling to meets, leaving little time for working out (hmmm, bus yoga?)

    Balanced training is important, as is BALANCE training. I did an at home flow class yesterday and was seriously shocked at how poor my balance had become after barely a month (my classes are on hiatus this month too, so I’m not even getting that workout).

    Yet another reminder about how important fitness is.
    Debbie recently posted..Wednesday Workout: Answering Your QuestionsMy Profile

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