23 Paws: Pet Stories Link Up. I Just Found Out!

I am so excited about this! I was over at Danielle’s blog, where she was posting about 23 Paws. The concept, created by Cinnamon over at Eat, Pray, Tri, is to post about your pets on the 23rd of each month, then link them all up over on Cinnamon’s blog. I love pets. How did I not know about this?

Anyway, thanks to Danielle, I do know now (or do now know – sorry, I’m writing this quickly because it is the 23rd and I feel compelled to join the link up).

Because of the short notice, this will be a short post. Just quick video (that I fortunately happened to record yesterday) and a little background about the stars. Please enjoy feeding time in my household.

And the stars (you can click the link on their names for full bios):

Olivia is the black Brussels Griffon. We rescued her in the desert three years ago. Someone had apparently dropped her off in the middle of nowhere, in August, with no food, collar, water, etc. on a day that was sure to reach 110. She loves to snuggle next to me at night, under the covers, where she stays still all night long.

Lily, the black and white Toy Fox Terrier, was rescued one week after Olivia. We rescued her from a bad situation after we followed her home when she ran across the street in front of our car. Although she is tiny at eight pounds, she stands up to all the other dogs and bosses them around.

Goldie, the larger of the two yellow dogs, was also rescued off the streets, when she started to follow along with us when we were walking our other dogs. She injured her back about five years ago and the vets told us she’d never walk again. They were wrong.

Buddy is the newest addition to our pack. Alan found him wandering the streets right by our house. After posting signs and making a few calls didn’t work, we decided that since he’d already worked his way into our hearts, we’d keep him. The other dogs are finally getting over the jealousy and welcoming him to the family.

And finally, Alan, my husband, also known as the Dog Rescuer. In addition to caring for our dogs and two indoor cats, Alan also feeds and takes care of the feral cats in the neighborhood. Animals seem to sense something about him and he has rescued more dogs, cats, and calves than anyone else I know. On a personal level, Alan and I met 16 years ago at the Tram Road Race in Palm Springs and have been together ever since. One other very interesting thing about Alan: Two years ago he received a call out of the blue and found out that he had a son that he had previously known nothing about. He also had a daughter in law and (best of all) two twin grandsons! Read the whole story here.


I am so happy that I found the 23 Paws link up! I love writing about my dogs and this gives me yet another excuse to do so. If you have pets that you love to write about, head over to Eat Pray Tri and join now! Or just find all the 23 Paws links and have a great day of reading about pets.

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    awwwwe, i love this idea, and I loved seeing your pets!! Yes, they do know you saved their lives, i believe a soul is a soul, even if it is wrapped up in a furry four legged body! They have the same knowledge we do, just not such a direct way to communicate!! what a cute video, who can jump higher? pick me! pick meeee!!

    I am going to have to join in next month, how fun!!
    fizzgig recently posted..Where I Sound Old…My Profile

    • says

      I should have told you! I know you love writing about Magoo! I just found out so late.

      That video is actually much calmer that usual. They’d been going on a while when I finally picked up my camera. Olivia, the black one, does that little bounce off our butt thing over and over (sometimes she gets the back of my knee and almost takes me down!).
      Debbie recently posted..Back to Yoga. Yet Again.My Profile

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