Wednesday Workout: Moonlight Beach Circuit

From the desert to the beach. After last week’s Las Vegas Strip Workout, we move west to Moonlight Beach in Encinitas (north of San Diego). Alan and I unexpectedly had to return to the coast today (he left his megaphone, a necessity for a race announcer, at the event last weekend), which put a crimp in my run plans.

Fortunately, I’m nothing if not flexible. I decided to move my workout to the beach! I planned a quick circuit workout that would work all my major muscle groups, didn’t need any equipment, included some cardio, and wouldn’t make me feel too foolish by doing it in public.

20120815 170625 Wednesday Workout: Moonlight Beach Circuit

20120815 170641 Wednesday Workout: Moonlight Beach Circuit

Okay, before I get too comfy, let’s get to the workout.

Beach Circuit11 Wednesday Workout: Moonlight Beach Circuit

And the best part? You get to do the workout barefoot! (And in your bathing suit if you like!)

Remember. While the directions say to do your walking lunges into the water, please use your good judgement. If the water is rough, there is a sudden drop off, or any other safety factors, do your lunges outside of the water or parallel to the water’s edge.

20120815 163511 Wednesday Workout: Moonlight Beach Circuit

20120815 163539 Wednesday Workout: Moonlight Beach Circuit

After the workout and a little beach time (and swimming time for Alan), we packed up and went to lunch at the Lotus Cafe. It is usually one of my favorite lunch spots in Encinitas, with a large vegan selection, but no so much today.

20120815 164233 Wednesday Workout: Moonlight Beach Circuit

I had a falafel pita which was so dry it broke open with my first bite. The two (!) little falafels were over cooked and hard. Alan’s quesadilla was good though, and I helped him finish a cup of chili, which though not as good as mine at least filled me up.

After lunch we had to head south to Chula Vista to pick up the megaphone, then home. A lot of driving for one day, about six hours, which we share, but at least we got out of the desert (112 and humid!), went to the beach, and had a great workout.

Have you ever worked out on the beach? Or anywhere public like a park?

Signature zps65e035a8 Wednesday Workout: Moonlight Beach Circuit

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    Looking good lady!!! I’m jealous that you are at the beach right now and I’m not =( And I’ve only been to the beach once this summer…super let-down! Going to make sure I get there at least once more before summer is over! Also- random question. How do you get the “notify me of new posts by email” link to show up? Is this a wordpress plugin? I need to get my hands on this!


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