Week in Review

In comparison to the Olympic swimmers that I’m watching as I write this, my fitness accomplishments may seem small, but they certainly challenged me, and hopefully, move me, towards, what? I just got word that my next race, the Vista Half Marathon has been postponed until February of next year! So, without a goal in sight (for the time being), I ran on.

Monday: Strength class, in the gym. I taught a class with only one student, so we worked a circuit, two sets, total body workout.

Tuesday: First, cross country practice. I ran with the team while they did a tempo run on the road. For me, three 1/2 mile intervals at lactate threshold (they did five intervals), five total miles. Followed that up with a strength class, but since I had a beginner in class spent more time teaching that working out.

Wednesday: Penny (my Dalmatian running partner) and I did 5.1 miles on the trails. I followed that up with a one hour yoga class (at home audio from YogaDownload.com).

Thursday: I taught a circuit challenge class.

Friday: Hurray for Rest Day!

Saturday: Met the cross country team for a trail run. I (with Penny) ran to the Palm Desert cross, while the team did a double cross. It”s only about a five mile run, but with a 1,000 feet elevation gain in the last 1/2 mile, it is definitely a challenge.

The view from the cross, overlooking Palm Desert.

Sunday: It was hot, and the humidity was much higher than the day before. I ran four miles, but I was dragging and I worry about my dog when the weather is miserable. Plus, I had just heard the news that the half marathon was postponed, so I knew that I didn’t have to run long. Instead, cut the run short and we hit an early movie (Savages).

By the way, my beautiful running partner is 11 years old!

Totals for the week:
Running: 19 miles (not bad)
Strength: Two workouts, moderately challenging
Yoga: One hour

Summary: I’m happy with my run distance and especially pleased to add the tempo run to my training. One great thing about cross country season is that I improve my fitness level when I try to keep up with the team.

My two strength workouts were adequate. When I teach, I can’t always count the workouts because sometimes I must spend more time teaching and correcting form than working out, but two of the workouts this week were challenging enough to count.

I only did one yoga workout this week. I’m not really happy with that, I’d like to get in at least three, but this was better than last week when I did no yoga. So I basically improved by 100%!

The plan for next week: Pretty similar, maybe a few more miles on the long run. I need to find a goal race, but even without it, I’d like to have a long run base of about eight miles. I will run the lactate threshold workout with the team again this week. It serves two purposes. I’m out there, making sure that they push themselves, plus, on a selfish level, I increase my own fitness. Win/win! As for yoga, I’m off work tomorrow, so I plan to go to a class in the morning, then do two more workouts during the week.

That’s my workout week in review. How was yours? Did you meet your goals? Make new ones?

On to gymnastics!

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  1. says

    I heart penny!!! I met a new running goal last week, I had a PR run week of 26 miles but i’m scaling back this week. I want so much to cut 20 min off my half marathon come October….but I don’t want to over train either.
    fizzgig recently posted..Wine Makes Festivals Better!!My Profile

    • says

      Penny says “Thank you” again. 26 miles is great! You’re doing speed work, right? That’s what will make you faster. Cutting back on mileage every other or every third week is good, gives your body a chance to recover and get stronger.
      Debbie recently posted..Week in ReviewMy Profile

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