Wednesday Workout: Circuit Challenge Vlog

Just a quick note before the video. This circuit challenge workout is one that I use for one of my classes. We do a lot of total body, functional exercises in class which work many muscles all together and challenge the core muscles in particular. In spite of being exhausted at the end of these workouts, though, my students always ask, “what about my arms?” When I explain that all the arm muscles are being worked, along with their shoulders, chest, and back, not to mention their lower body, throughout the circuit, they nod their heads and ask, “can we do something to work the backs of my arms?”

So, in deference to my class, I created this workout. It has it all. Core, legs, upper body, plus biceps and triceps (tricked up beyond the basic curls and extensions).

I apologize for the length of the video (it’s over nine minutes), but I decided to put it all together into one workout. Also, in the video, I suggest 10-12 repetitions of each exercise, which is fine, but you can also do it by the clock. Perform each exercise for 45 seconds, take 15 seconds to move into position and start the next. Take a minute break after the circuit then repeat it 2-4 more times.

I hope you enjoy the workout. Besides burpees (because I know you all love them), what is your favorite total body exercise? Do you have a go-to arm or shoulder exercise that you’d like to share?

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      Yes, it can be challenging. I like working triceps, though, because there are so many different exercises that work them. It never gets boring and the variation makes sure that you work them thoroughly.

      I’ll tell you though, when I started doing yoga consistently was when I really saw a change (after years of weight training). All those chatarangas!
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    Great circuit Debbie! I too, get tired of people asking to work their triceps and inner thighs. Particularly when there’s no chance you’ll see those muscles until they lose the layer of subcutaneous fat covering them!
    I’ll often throw a few isolation exercises in at the end of the class and then, make them work to fatigue.
    I have a weighted version of a burpee that I love to teach. You need a body bar and a step. Stand at the narrow end of the step, hold bar at thigh heigh with an overhand grip. Place bar down on step (crosswise), jump back into a plank, pushup from there, jump back in, stand and upright row to overhead press with the bar. Every. Muscle. In. Your. Body!
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    This is great! Even though it’s long it’s totally worth it. I’m a person who has to see a workout before I can do it properly. For me, I’ve never really thought about my arms, but I can see why other people do. I like that you listened to your students and have designed something that helps their concerns!
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