Wednesday Workout: Core Challenge Vlog

As promised, for Wednesday Workout I’ve put all the core challenge exercises together in one five minute workout. You can follow along with the video if you like, or do them on your own. I’d suggest doing the exercises circuit-style for 3-5 sets, which will take you about 15-30 minutes.

This may be called a Core Challenge workout, but you will be working all the major muscle groups in your body, including your core.  Remember to warm up for 5-10 minutes before starting the workout, and to spend a little time stretching afterward.

I went to much more detail about form in the individual videos, so if you’d like to review, click the links below.

Workout #1 (Push up/Roll up)
Workout #2 (Standing Row with Optional One-legged Deadlift)
Workout #3 (Rear Lunge with Balance and a Swoop)
Workout #4 (Side Angled Lunge with Power)

I hope you enjoy! Next week, Wednesday Workout will be Fun with Planks!

Core Challenge 300x214 Wednesday Workout: Core Challenge Vlog

Signature zps65e035a8 Wednesday Workout: Core Challenge Vlog

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