I’ve Joined Two Challenges This Month!

I’m not sure if I’m crazy or just a glutton for punishment, but I’ve joined two different fitness challenges this month.

The first one, is Tara Burner’s Plank, Push Up, and Squat Challenge. For this not too difficult challenge, you pick one of the above each day, and do as many as (or for the plank as long as) you can. The goal is to improve over the course of the month. Tara created a calendar to keep track of progress and she even has a few prizes for participants.

Today I decided to start with push ups. I wasn’t sure how many I was going to be able to complete because most of my push ups are done during the ball class that I teach, with my feet and lower legs on the ball as I do each push up. I don’t challenge myself completely during the class because I need to focus on the students, not my own workout (hence the reason I wasn’t sure of my ability today).

To keep myself honest and to take a form check, I decided to video my push ups today. I was actually pretty pleased with my first attempt. Watch and see:

The second challenge that I am attempting this month is Semper Sarah’s Roll with it in July: 31 Active Minutes for 31 Days. Originally the challenge was to do at least 31 minutes of yoga and/or meditation every day during July. I was hesitant at first, even though I want to stay on track with my yoga, because of my shoulder issue, but Sarah expanded the challenge to include 31 minutes of any kind of activity, and she suggested that if my shoulder flared up I use the time to slow down, relax and focus on stretching and meditation. In other words, she talked me into it.

This morning, after my push ups, I started my yoga with the intention of practicing for about an hour. I chose “Arm Balancing Flow,” an audio from YogaDownload.com.  It was the first time I’d tried it and I think I will enjoy it, but today those push ups wore me out! After 20 minutes, feeling sore and tired, I switched to a restorative audio instead, and totally enjoyed it for 35 minutes.

Just so you don’t think that a few push ups alone will wear me out, I did run five miles this morning, up in the trails with Alan and Penny. We’re at the point in the summer here when you really have to get moving early to beat the heat and we weren’t quite early enough this morning. It was getting pretty warm by the time we finished, leaving me feeling somewhat drained. Nothing a little food, fluids, and restorative yoga couldn’t fix, though!


When we run very early out on the trails, I let Penny off the leash for a while. Both she and Alan leave me in the dust (look at those ears fly!)

Just to keep the whole day going at an active clip, we met our daughter in law and grandsons at the Palm Desert Aquatic Center and spent the day in the pool. I didn’t actually swim much, but with the temperatures hitting 110 this afternoon, there is no choice but to spend a lot of time in the water.


Keeping cool, husband Alan, grandsons Cash and Dane.

After all this exercise, plus three hours in the sun, I think I’m going to go take a little nap now. I am a grandma, after all!

Are you participating in any July challenges? Do tell! If not, why not join one?

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    Great way to start the new month! If you’re feeling daring I’d be happy to throw in a 3rd challenge for you! I’m posting one shortly…it’s a week long total body challenge! Today’s workout is for cardio. I know you’re doing upper body today…but why not throw in an extra 4 minutes of cardio? =) YES only 4 min! Check it out here! http://youtu.be/jKnpODQ4xe8

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    puh-leez lady, if you are able to do push ups on the ball, you have the regular push up challenge in the bag!!!!!! we had a challenge at the gym, and I did 20 “girl push ups” in a minute, and I think I can get maybe 6 on the ball push ups before I fall off and have to restart!! don’t underestimate yourself!! you got this!! plus you have the core strength from all your videos (which I have been trying to keep up with btw!!!)

    and yoga is HARD, it looks so easy, but it soooo is not!!
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