Wednesday Workout: Core Challenge Vlog #4

Here is part four of my Core Challenge series. Today is a side lunge (really an angled lunge, not directly to the side), to which we’ll add a little power. Enjoy!

I’ve got to say that I’ve really enjoyed my entry into vlogging. Maybe I’ve discovered my inner actress or something. I am trying to move past the “I hate the sound of my voice on tape,” feeling that I’ve always had and appreciate my own efforts. Woohoo, go ME!

On that note, I’ve decided that even though this was a four part series, I’m going to continue on with a Wednesday Workout each week. I will kick off next Wednesday by putting together my Core Challenge Workout into one video. After that, I will find some fun, challenging, total body exercises that I think you will enjoy. I am doing a Plank, Push Up, Squat Challenge in the month of July, so I’m sure you’ll see some “Fun with Planks, etc” in there somewhere.

As always, I appreciate your tips, comments, (constructive) criticism, and/or any ideas or suggestions for vlogs you’d like to see. Thanks for tuning in!

Core Challenge Wednesday Workout: Core Challenge Vlog #4

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    I also love this series! You can google a billion at home videos, but its way cooler when you “know” the person doing the instruction!! This is one of those things that looks easy, but isn’t!!

    Can you use something besides a medicine ball at home? I don’t have one…like could you use one weight instead?
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