It’s Like Riding a Bike

Actually, it is riding a bike. I’m happy to say that I took a bike ride today, for the first time in a long time. When I wrote about my recent dedication to running last week, I stated that it had been at least two months. I was shocked when I checked my garmin today after my ride:

riding a bikeI hadn’t really planned to take a ride this morning (left up to me, my non-riding streak would probably be six months), but Alan wanted to ride and at the last minute I decided to join him. It had been so long that I felt like I’d forgotten my pre-ride routine, but I managed not to take too long to get dressed, prepare my fluids, eat a little breakfast, and air up my tires (they were flat from disuse!). I also put a little bit of charge on my garmin, which was totally dead.



After so long, I was a little afraid that I would feel awkward on my bike, reverting to beginner mode all over again, but I needn’t have worried. It was like, well, it was like riding a bike. It came right back, although I felt a little sore in the saddle after a relatively short ride.

proofIt was a beautiful day for a ride and I was so happy to be back out there. We got out early, so the weather was not too hot, and the sky was blue and cloudless. Gorgeous.

My goal was to ride for an hour, or about 15 miles. I ended up with 17.7 miles and an hour 20 minutes. That works for me. Now the goal is to stick with it.

proofEdit: It is now the following day, and I am very discouraged to say that after a couple months of relief it took just one ride on the bike and my back pain has returned with a vengeance. I don’t think I’ve blogged about my back spasms before (if I wrote about all my aches and pains this would be one whiny blog!), but my back has been giving me problems for over a year. We bought a new mattress about six months ago and I had high hopes, but the problems continued. The relief I’ve had recently I have kind of attributed to the yoga, but obviously the cycling is the problem. While that doesn’t mean I’m giving it up, I do need to think about what I’m going to do, maybe get refitted on my bike and see if that helps. For right now, it’s back to running, not a punishment by any means, although my short run this morning was punishing. I muddled through a short run with bike legs and a sore back, and now I sit with an ice pack looking at doing some restorative yoga instead of heading off to class.

Yoga Challenge Update

I have completed three weeks of my 30 day Yoga Challenge. Because of our early start, I was able to make the 9:00 all level Vinyasa class at Yoga Central. Studio owner April Jones teaches the Saturday morning class and it is my favorite. Her class is challenging, interesting fun, and did I say challenging? I sweat so much in class that my hair gets curly! Day 22 is complete, with a tough 90 minute Vinyasa flow.

Lily up dogLily, on the mat, showing the correct for form upward facing dog.

We went to dinner tonight with my son Nathan and his wife Sarah, who is expecting my grandchild in November. We went to PF Chang’s, which has vegan options for Alan and me. They brought their Pomeranian, Teddy, who got to spend the evening with his new cousins, Penny, Goldie, Sydney, Lily, and Olivia. They apparently had a great time and appeared to have bonded forever by the time we got home from dinner.

sarahIt’s a great weekend so far! How is your weekend going?

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  1. says

    First – I’m so happy the hear you rode your bike! Second – I’m sorry to hear about your back. You most certainly should get re-fitted. It could be a simple adjustment that will take some strain you are putting on your back. Often, it’s the position on the bike that gets us and not the actual stress we put on our bodies while riding!

    • says

      Thanks, ME, I do plan to get refitted. In spite of my back feeling better lately coinciding with not riding my bike, I just didn’t put it together until the pain came back in a rush this morning. Hopefully a few days rest will help, then I can make a plan to get me back on the bike again.
      Debbie recently posted..It’s Like Riding a BikeMy Profile

  2. says

    I just love lily! what a happy face! sometimes the unexpected is what makes a better day!! beautiful shots from your ride, indeed!!

    A run with bike legs is inspiring!! I have a hard time doing a stationary, and then running, revel in your awesomeness!

    my wknd is tiring. I’ve just been reading and reading and…well, you can catch up on my blog! lol

    Enjoy that beautiful weather, and the breathtaking landscape!!
    fizzgig recently posted..Rejoining the Real World after My "50 Shades of Grey Getaway"….My Profile

    • says

      Yes, I read about your weekend. Hmmmm, I might have to rethink reading 50 Shades of Gray 😉

      Yes, Lily is a cutie. She loves getting right under my face when I’m doing yoga and snuggling so that she can get attention. She always does.
      Debbie recently posted..Weekend UpdateMy Profile

  3. Nellie says

    I just love those photos so much! Actually, I really love biking too and I hope a lot of people would try biking and it will definitely be beneficial too..
    Nellie recently posted..Sharepoint HostingMy Profile

    • says

      Better, I think. I was pretty consistent with my icing yesterday. Discouraged, though. Basically feeling kind of old, with a bad back, knee pain, and a shoulder issue (haven’t written about those yet. :-P)
      Debbie recently posted..Weekend UpdateMy Profile

  4. says

    hey there, I stumbled upon your blog via twitter and wanted to drop by and say hi. big up for being a vegan and an athlete! I’m vegetarian (slowly turning vegan) and amateur runner. I really like people like you for showing those meatheads (pun intended) there’s absolutely no need for athletes (or anybody, for that matter) to eat animals. in their face! =)
    duckalicious recently posted..Boyfriend ShockerMy Profile

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