Yoga Challenge Update

Just a quick post to update on my 30 Day Yoga Challenge. Today is day 18 of the challenge, and I’m happy to say I was able to get in a 20 minute Balance Flow this morning before work. Early in the morning is definitely my prime exercise time. I can hop out of bed, head out for a run or a ride (after a little coffee, of course), and I feel great. Let too much time pass, or try to do something after work, and I really have to push myself to get moving.

004 300x225 Yoga Challenge UpdateOver the weekend, I was able to get a little longer time on the mat. Saturday, which was the halfway point of the challenge, I did an hour Power Flow at home with a audio, before heading to my Raw Vegan Food Class. On Sunday, it was off to Yoga Central for a 90 minutes Vinyasa class (always challenging because my long yoga day is usually my long run day. Nothing like a tough yoga class after a 10 mile run!).

006 300x225 Yoga Challenge UpdateI started my yoga challenge to get myself back to the mat, because I felt I was starting to drift away from yoga. These first 18 days have been a wonderful return, and I know that when all is said and done, while I may not find time to practice every day, I will keep yoga in my life.

One workout that I will probably give up, though, is my 20 minute post-weights workout at the gym. I just don’t feel comfortable, even though I know that people generally don’t pay attention to what other people are doing. I kind of feel like a show-off (though with some of my awkward poses that is a downright funny thought) . So, after the challenge is over, I will be back doing regular core work with Alan.

005 300x225 Yoga Challenge UpdateWhat is your favorite time of day to exercise?

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    One of my firend had gifted me a Yoga CD last year and since last 8 months I am doing ‘Surya Namakera’ and it is one complete exercise. After doing it I dont need to do anything else.

    I used to job a lot, But now I go for 30 minues walk and only the ablove mentioned asana..!
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