Return to the Gym (again!) and a Yoga Challenge Update

Every year or so I write a post like this (if you don’t want to read this post, you can read this one or this one).

Stop Quitting 300x224 Return to the Gym (again!) and a Yoga Challenge UpdateI made my way back to the gym on Monday, after about five months of absence. It felt good to be there. I took it pretty easy, upper body basics only, kind of like dipping my toes back in the water. Alan was with me, and we worked out together, until we got to our abdominal work, when he does his thing, and I, with a yoga challenge to complete, found a corner and did mine (more on that below).

We were at our snazzy La Quinta gym, which, while small, is clean, friendly, and only one mile from home. Oh, and only $50 a year. (While I titled that post “Bye Bye World Gym,” I actually kept my membership, which will now come in handy for my yoga challenge. Between the two closest, I can find two yoga classes a day, at different times. Nice to have options.)

fit center artwork 300x230 Return to the Gym (again!) and a Yoga Challenge Update

Artwork fountain at my La Quinta Gym. Classy

Here is where I justify my gym absence. I work at a gym. Two gyms actually, because in addition to my full time job as the fitness director at a country club, I have two long-term clients that I still see twice a week at their country club gym. I teach strength classes. I run, ride, practice yoga. So I am not dragging myself off the couch to get back to the gym. I just feel like I’m rounding out an already pretty decent fitness program/lifestyle. Plus, I know that if I go, Alan, who runs, rides, and swims already, will go with me and I am happy that he will be getting the strength training that he needs to be an even better athlete.

So, I’m glad to be back. Let’s see if I can stick around this time so that in a year’s time, I won’t be writing this article all over again.

Yoga Challenge Update

I am in day five of my Yoga Challenge. So far, so good (as it should be only five days in!). I made it to a tough 90 minute vinyasa class at Yoga Central on day one. The next day, I did 30 minutes at home, using an audio from I was a little tired and sore from the class the previous day, so I kept it shorter (and a little easier!).

On day three I tried to channel my exhibitionist side: we were at the gym so I found a corner, turned on my yoga audio and did 20 minutes of hardcore yoga. I know that most people don’t pay any attention to what others are doing at the gym, but I still felt a little awkward. Oh well, I did it, enjoyed it, and may do it again.

Day four was a long one. After running in the morning, I went to work, then came home and did dinner prep, knowing that Alan and I were going to a scholarship awards ceremony at our high school (our running club gives a scholarship every year to two running athletes). Fortunately, we were first on the presentation agenda and were home by 7:10. Knowing that all the prep work was done for dinner, I took 20 minutes to do some sun salutations.

Today is day five, and it started off badly. I woke up about 1 am with another migraine, out of my medication, and struggled through the night. What is usually my workout time this morning was spent finally getting a little sleep. When I awoke, I felt better, but had to get ready and go to work (stopping to pick up my meds on the way). So it looks like it will be another short session at home after work again.

On the bright side, I did print out some yoga schedules, and between Yoga Central, World Gym, the classes we hold here at my fitness center, and classes that one of my instructors teaches elsewhere, I have a lot of choices. Not that I mind the home workouts. I just think that I get a better workout with someone to push me a bit (and who can check and correct my form when necessary).

Are you taking a challenge, yoga or otherwise? Tell me about it!

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