I Love Your Blog and Other Random Comments

The comment came from a 17 year old, “I love your blog!” Even more surprising, she added, “I want to make vegan burritos.”

We were at the awards banquet for the high school track team, which Alan coaches. I do not help coach track, mainly because it falls during the busiest part of my work year and I simply do not have the time. On the other hand, cross country, which Alan and I coach together, starts up in mid-summer when work is very slow, and finishes up right at the same time my work schedule starts to fill up.

This young lady is on my cross country team and I have known her for quite a while. Even before she was in high school, she would come out and run with our running club. She is smart, charming, and responsible enough that she was made captain of both the cross country and track teams.

My varsity girls, ready to race.

Still, she is a teenager, and when she told me she loved my blog, I was surprised. While I don’t keep it a secret, not everyone realizes that I have a blog. I do post it on my facebook page, and get a little bit of interest from my family and friends, but for the most part I don’t “friend” the athletes on my cross country team (at least until they are seniors and finished with the cross country program).

I do make a few exceptions, though, and in this case this young woman was almost like a member of our family, so a few months ago, after cross country season, I accepted her friend request.

Because she had never commented, either on the blog or on facebook, I had no idea she was reading (and enjoying!) my writing. I’ve got to say that it warmed my heart to hear such a nice, out-of-the-blue comment.  I had a similar feeling when our computer guy at work, who is a connection on LinkedIn, told me that he loved my vegan recipes. Or when a member of the country club where I work commented on a recipe. Gotta love it!

When I write, I try to do so as if my mother, or my boss, might be reading. That doesn’t mean I’m not honest or open, it just means that I am mindful of what I’m revealing. While I’ll write about my colonoscopy or my breast surgery, I won’t whine about my co-worker,  tell business secrets, or talk about personal things that my husband, sons, or other family would prefer that I keep private.

That means I can be proud when anybody says, “I love your blog.”

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  1. Taryn Sall says

    somehow i seemed to have missed this blog post as i religiously read them! thank you so much for your kind words i will continue to read your blog i love it and you!!

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