Dogs Galore and More at the Run for Ike 5K

Today, Alan and I volunteered at the Second Annual Run for Ike 5K, which raises fund for the Palm Springs Police Department’s K-9 unit. (Last year the race raised money to replace K-9 officer Ike, who died in the line of duty.) We had an excellent turnout, lots of runners, lots of dogs, lots of fun. The story in (mostly) pictures:

Lots of Dogs

Because the event was all about K-9s (and canines), runners were encouraged to bring their best friends.

This handsome boy was first dog overall (and he happened to be accompanied by one of our former cross country runners!)

Loved his smile

The Guidedogs of the Desert brought a few trainees.

This little guy was up for adoption.

Fortunately he found a new forever home, or I might have one more dog tonight!

Lots of People

Lots of Cops

We had a great turnout from the Palm Springs Police Department. In addition to the SWAT team, K-9 Unit, Police Chief, and Motorcycle Unit, several officers also ran in the race.

The Chief of the Palm Springs Police Department helped hand out awards to the overal winners (that's him on the left talking to Alan).

Cops are just like us, texting (at least not while driving)

A few of the officers ran the race. Guess which one pictured here.

The K-9 officer was in the car (I could hear him barking), but couldn't see him through the darkened windows (don't worry, the engine was running, the AC on in the 90+ degree heat).


The motorcycle unit led the race.

Some of the officers brought their families.

Lots of Fun

The race was again organized by Molly Thorpe (read here about the amazing accomplishments of this woman.). Almost single-handedly, she pulled together a group of sponsors and volunteers to create this event.

Molly Thorpe, the woman behind the race, on the left.

Alan on the mic.

More Alan on the mic.

Alan in 'jail.' Someone paid a dollar to get him out.

Alan, me, Molly, and her husband, Jay.

After the race, because we were less than a mile away, we went to Nature’s Cafe, the only vegetarian restaurant left in our desert area. I ordered a vegan tofu burrito and ate half of it in the car on the way home. It was very good.  Nature’s Cafe, which is located inside a health food store, has great food and lots of vegan choices, but it’s a long drive from La Quinta (about 45 minutes with traffic), and not much ambiance. My burrito was good, though.

Finally, our day ended with the discovery that one of the feral cats in our neighborhood had abandoned the runt in her litter. That meant a trip to Petco to pick up some milk replacer. They were having an adoption day, and for the second time in one day I almost succumbed to the urge to take in another dog when I spotted a puppy that looked so much like Sassy that it brought tears to my eyes.

Compare that face with the link to Sassy's page, or her picture in the sidebar.. I may go back tomorrow.


About a week old, its eyes are not even open yet. My husband, the cat rescuer.

Well, the weekend is only half over and it’s been pretty busy so far. Tomorrow, Alan’s birthday and Mother’s Day will start with a long run and maybe some yoga. So, how is your weekend going?

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