I Write About My Health Because…

The prompt for today’s Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge is to write for 15-20 minutes about why I write about my health.

When I first started writing this blog, I mostly wrote about my running, my cycling, and my dogs. It was a little impersonal, but it was my first endeavor at writing anything like a journal and I had a learning curve to climb.

The first time I discussed my health at all was in reference to trying to balance my hormone levels after my hysterectomy (the operation itself had taken place months before I started my blog). That post, and the follow up written on the one year anniversary of my hysterectomy, were very well received by my readers. People, strangers, thanked me for writing about these issues. I realized then that many women are going through the same things, and though you can get all the advice in the world, just reading about someone’s personal experience is very comforting.

When I write about my health it is from a very personal level. While I’ll do research about the causes, symptoms, and long term outlooks, I will usually just link to that information. I will write about what happened to me, how I felt, my recovery. While this sometimes makes my husband a little uncomfortable, the reaction that I have received makes it well worth it.

When I look at my top search topics, “breasts” almost always heads the list, which brings readers to my series on my abnormal mammogram and needle biopsy, my diagnosis, and finally my surgery to remove an intraductal papilloma. I was fortunate that I did not have cancer, but it was still a very personal story to write. I know that the women who read the posts will have a little knowledge of what they will go through if they are in the same situation.

In one of the comments I received, the writer stated that she had just had a similar diagnosis, and said that my report was the best and most honest descriptions of the procedure that she’d read in her research.

That is what keeps me writing about my health.

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    oh yes, people find commanalities in the unlikliest of places. this is why i love blogs so much, you can find and relate to so many aspects of someone elses’s life!! keep it up girl, you are inspirational in many ways!!
    fizzgig recently posted..Inergalactic Planetary….My Profile

    • says

      Talking about inspirational! You are awesome! The last year of your life has been like this huge, total change. You’ve become an athlete, you’ve changed your eating habits, the weight loss, which is great, but is a result of this total lifestyle change. You did it the right, long lasting way, that that should be so inspirational to everyone.

      Sorry, rambling a bit, time to go cook dinner :-). Just want to say that you’re pretty awesome.
      Debbie recently posted..The Ekphrasis PostMy Profile

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