At the Beach: The Weekend in (Mostly) Pictures

Alan and I traveled to the coast the weekend. It was a great break, we saw friends compete, we ate some good food, we had some great news, and had a fantastic run. Instead of rambling on, here is the weekend in pictures, with just a little bit of rambling:


It was pretty chilly at the beach (for us desert rats, anyway), so Alan I thought we could accomplish two things by wearing our hoodies: Stay warm and support Treyvon Martin.

ElvisElvis sighting! Not quite sure why he was spectating at the California Ironman 70.3, but this gentleman was in the building.

GilOur friend, Gil, finishing the California Ironman 70.3. He had a great race, finishing in less than five hours! We had a couple of other friends in the race too, and they both did well. That cool weather, while tough for the swim portion of the event, sure is nice for the run.

I didn’t get a picture, but we were able to get a falafel pita from a stand at the event. It was quite delicious, and vegan, of course.

MoonlightAfter the race, we headed south to Encinitas. After checking in, we headed straight to Moonlight Beach, our favorite hangout in North San Diego County. It was still cold, so we bundled up and just enjoyed the fresh air and the sound of the waves.

GullLovebirdsThen, off to lunch at the Lotus Cafe.

Lotus CafeLunchIt was a little late and we were meeting Sarah and Nathan for dinner, so we both chose the half sandwich and soup. The sandwich was mock turkey with avocado, with an excellent tofu dill dressing. The soup was spicy lentil (which I thought had a bit too much cumin in it and was not hot enough). Dessert was…

muffin…a vegan lemon macadamia nut cupcake! Moist, delicious, and fortunately huge, because we shared it.

Sarah and AlanAfter some relaxation time and a shower, we met my son Nathan and his wife Sarah for dinner at the Roxy. I must have been so excited by their news that I forgot to take pictures of my food. Nathan and Sarah ordered appetizers, but Alan and I decided to hold out for the main course.  Nathan’s sauteed mushrooms looked pretty good, though, but our very helpful server told me that they were cooked in butter. I must have looked sad, because she brought me two little falafel balls with some tahini sauce so I wouldn’t feel left out. I had spicy bean soup and a half chef’s salad for dinner (thank goodness I ordered the half, it was so huge I brought most of it home and we ate it for dinner the next night!).

The next morning we followed our usual routine. We woke up pretty early, headed to Starbuck’s for coffee, drove over to Moonlight Beach, parking where we could stay in the car and watch the waves. The water was very choppy, there were no surfers at all, which is very unusual.

We were planning on a run along the coast (I wanted to run eight miles, training for the La Jolla Half Marathon), but when we got back to our room, our lazy devils raised their ugly heads. We lolled around the room, checking emails and (me) playing Words with Friends. When we actually got to the point where Alan suggested we pack up and go home, I finally roused us. I know we would be so mad at ourselves if we blew off the run. So at about 8:30 (late for us) we headed out the door.

the runSo glad that we did! It was a beautiful day. It would warm up briefly when the sun peeked out, but it was still pretty chilly. We headed south on a path that runs along the railroad tracks. The air was fresh and salty. I tried to savor the scent as I breathed. The wildflowers were blooming like crazy (my pictures don’t do them justice).

jazz handsAlanflowersDebI had a little fun in front of the Self Realization Followship.

SRFWe ran about 7.8 miles and although we were tired at the end, we were very pleased with ourselves for not skipping it. After a shower, we checked out then decided to try a new (to us) restaurant for lunch. Ki’s (pronounced with a long ‘I’), has been at it’s Cardiff location for a long time, but Alan and I had never been there. I discovered while searching on Happy Cow that they have a vegetarian/vegan menu, including breakfast options that include a tofu scramble (which I had a hankering for) and Banana Nut Buckwheat Pancakes. Those sounded delicious and I don’t get to eat pancakes very often, but I tend to choose savory over sweet, so I went with the scramble. I got a taste of the pancakes anyway, because Alan, who always chooses sweet over savory, ordered them.

Ki'sscramblepancakesAlan had a soy latte and I had a (virgin) Bloody Mary. So good!

bloody marriageSo, I rambled a little more than planned. It was a nice weekend, a needed break from work and the desert. Now we’re back in the desert and feeling refreshed and ready to face the week ahead.

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