La Quinta Gem of the Desert 5k Trail Run/Walk

We have new race in La Quinta and it’s going to be on the trails! It is called La Quinta Gem of the Desert 5k Trail Run/Walk (a mouthful!), and it is on Saturday, May 5 at 7:00 in the morning.

The race will start along the Bear Creek Trail, which is on the western side of the City of La Quinta, in the Cove area. The location doesn’t have an address, but it starts near the intersection of Montezuma and Chillon. There is plenty of free parking. Or, if you ride a bike, you’ll get $5 off the race day registration price of $30.

If you are a planner, you can register in advance on (click the link, it will take you to the registration page), for $25. Race directors love planners so they know how many runners and walkers to expect. You can also click the button on the side bar.

The trails around the La Quinta cove are where I run several times a week, usually with my dog, Penny. I love running there. It is so beautiful and open. I’m so grateful that I have only to run about a half mile to reach the trail, and once there can run from three to 10 miles in peace.  The whole area is surrounded by hills and mountains, and at certain points you can see all the way to the Salton Sea.

I love this shot of the mountains to the south west of the trails. I tried to lighten it, but it lost the shadow effect, so I kept it as is. It is just so pretty up there!

Full Disclosure: Alan (my hubby) is the race director for this event. Special thanks to the City of La Quinta for making the area available and to the City staff, all of whom have been helpful and excited about having a new race in the desert.

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      Funny that you are posting right now. A few minutes ago I was trying to comment on your most recent post that came through on my reader, but you must have pulled it down to edit or something (the one with your training plan). All I was going to day was, looks good, but don’t be afraid to take a complete day off every now and then. Training seven days a week, even when the 7th day is pretty mild (walk and weights), is tough. Rest is an important part of the training program, it is what helps us get stronger.

      Anyway, yes the route is beautiful. I get to enjoy running there most every time I run.
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