Vegan Dog Bigotry (Vedogotry?)

Sadly, it looks like we will not be adopting “Missy,” the dog I wrote about a couple weeks ago. As hard as it is to believe, we were told that the board of the organization that had taken over the care of the dog felt that Alan and I would not be the best choice for her.

I can almost hear you saying, “What, are they crazy?” Yes, my dear friends, that is what we were told. It didn’t matter that we have wonderful, healthy, loved dogs. (Oh, they didn’t know that because they never met our other dogs.) It didn’t matter that we have a dog friendly house, where they have access to a safe back yard, and have the option to be indoors or outdoors at their whim. (They couldn’t know that, because they never came to our house to check it out.)

No, apparently what mattered was something that Alan mentioned during our first visit, something he was proud about because of how healthy our own dogs are. He mentioned that, pause for gasp, that we would be raising Missy as a vegan.

So basically, it came down to ignorance. They didn’t know, didn’t care, and didn’t have the intelligence to do a little simple research about dogs thriving on a vegan diet. A quick Google search brings you articles like this, and this, and this. Or, perhaps, someone on the board may have thought to ask us, as potential adopters, why we feed our dogs a vegan diet.

The greatest ignorance is to reject something you know nothing about” ~ Derek Bok

So true. And so sad.

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    awe, that is super sad!! it is ignorance, as long as they get what they need why does it matter where it comes from? mostly, they need love and understanding!!

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      All of our friends have been shocked when we told them we were turned down. Everyone know that we are the most dog-friendly, loving family around. My husband is still talking to the county, letting them know what type of people they are giving their animals to.

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