Are We Crazy?

OK, this kind of freaks me out.

On the left, of course, is our Sassy, who passed away about two weeks ago. On the right is 917202, or Missy (our temporary name), or Reba, the name she was giving by KASE (Keeping Animals Safe Everyday), the organization that is helping her by paying for the surgery to repair her broken pelvis.

Let’s back it up a bit, shall we? Last week, Alan discover a photo of 917202 on the Riverside County Animal Shelter website (his way of grieving, what can I say?). After showing the photo to me, we both were amazed at how much this puppy looked like our Sassy. With mixed emotions, we both opted to look into the situation, so the next day, Alan called the shelter.

He was told that she would be available after the standard week long waiting period, so he decided to drive to the shelter and see her in person. She was just as cute as her picture, but Alan was told that she had some serious physical problems that would probably need surgery.

Apparently, she had a broken pelvis (possibly she had been hit by a car, but unfortunately, she can’t tell us). He discover that there is a group called KASE, which is funded by donations, would take care of the expense of surgery. We would, after being accepted by KASE, be responsible for the standard adoption fee of around $100.

Of course, Alan wanted me to see her in person before we made any final decisions.  So, last weekend, we drove out to the home where she was staying while awaiting her surgery.

Honestly, she is just the cutest thing! In spite of the broken pelvis, she gets around really well. They had decided to invest in surgery because the location of her break can potentially lead to urinary tract problems. I’m glad they did.

She was scheduled for surgery on Wednesday (today). We are still waiting for word back on how it went. Then we will be waiting for approval from KASE on our adoption papers. Hopefully they will see it the way one of my friends stated, “That doggie just won the puppy parent lottery!”

Once home, she will need to be crated and kept relatively still for up to two months. That is a challenge for any puppy, but more so with a puppy who will have four sisters and a brother just dying to play with her. We’ll handle it though.

Stay tuned. You know that there are lot’s more pictures to come.

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