I Made it to Yoga Class!

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I planned, if the weather remained as cold and windy as it was on Friday, to skip my bike ride and head over to Yoga Central for my first yoga class in a long time. A really long time. In fact, looking back, I’ve never taken a class at an actual yoga studio before, just classes at the gym or a video.

Not me.

So I was excited about going to class, and wasn’t unhappy to see the temperature in the 30s this morning, with some high, gusty winds. Off I went to yoga.

Yoga Central is owned by my friend, April, and although she was not the teacher this morning, she was in the class. I wisely set up my mat behind hers, knowing I could peek at her poses and have a clue as to what I should be doing. Although I’ve practiced yoga before, I needed help remembering the asanas, especially their Sanskrit names.

Definitely not me.

The class was Vinyassa for all levels, and the teacher was Marysia. I thought she was a marvelous teacher, patient, encouraging, and helpful. She walked around the room, assisting us into the correct form when necessary, praising us when we got it right. According to her profile on the Yoga Central website, not only is she a wonderful and creative yoga teacher, she also has a PhD in Mathematics. Talk about multifaceted! She’s also a grandma, although you’d never know it to look at her or to watch her move.

Overall, I think I did pretty good for my first class in a long time. I even did an (assisted) headstand! I did work quite hard, and can feel the fatigue in my muscles. I wouldn’t be surprised to have some soreness tomorrow, especially in my hip and low back areas, where I have a few “issues” already. It’s all good, though. I feel great and I plan to try to hit at least one class a week. After the grand opening in January, who knows, maybe even more frequently.

This IS April.

Fitting it all in is a challenge for me, just as it is for everyone. I’m hoping that I can talk Alan into joining me, so it can be another activity that we enjoy together.

If you live locally, be sure to check out the Yoga Central schedule. They have one class a day scheduled through December (and a special rate of only $10 per class!). There are a few changes from time to time, though, because of the construction going on at the studio. All those changes are posted on the website and the facebook page.

Yoga Central is located in Point Happy at 78-370 Highway 111 (at Washington St.) in La Quinta.

I want to leave you smiling, so please enjoy the video:

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