It Was a Dark and Dreary Day

ek2826 It Was a Dark and Dreary DayI know this won’t impress my friends and relatives throughout the country who are dealing with cold, rain, snow, and other signs of impending winter, but it was cold, windy, and dreary in the desert today. Okay, it was about 62 degrees, but it was a cold, windy, and dreary 62.

rainy day86 300x225 It Was a Dark and Dreary DayI’m embarrassed to admit this, but with few exceptions, until today we’ve been walking around in short sleeves and shorts. Okay, I’m not embarrassed at all. We desert rats earn our moderate winter weather by living through about six months of hell on earth, with average temperatures well over 100F.

IMG 4670 300x200 It Was a Dark and Dreary DayNot having had a chance to adapt to this chilly weather, I was snuggled up in sweaters, jackets, and long pants all day. Actually, I ended up canceling my dentist appointment, which, being 100 miles away in Encinitas, would have entailed driving either through a sand storm on the freeway, or possible snow if I took the mountain route. And I don’t do snow. So I postponed my appointment for a couple weeks when I’m sure we’ll be back to our normal temps in the mid-70s. Hope so, anyway.

(note: As I’m writing this, the local news is reporting on the snow in the mountains, and the problems with high winds up to 70 mph on the freeway today. Glad I made the safe choice.)

Dreary Day 1024x661 300x193 It Was a Dark and Dreary DayI know it sounds like I’m complaining, but I really love a cold, dreary day (not the wind, though). We get to snuggle up in our comfy clothes and slippers, light a fire, and just stay in where it is warm.  Until the next morning when I can’t ride my bike because it’s raining or too windy (yes, those are legitimate excuses for me not to ride).

So, what to do when grounded by the weather? I spent some time doing work related things, newsletters, flyers, and other computer things that are so much easier to get done without interruption in the quiet of my home.

And I took the opportunity to take pictures of my dogs. Always a great activity!

004 300x225 It Was a Dark and Dreary Day


008 300x225 It Was a Dark and Dreary Day


006 300x225 It Was a Dark and Dreary Day


024 300x225 It Was a Dark and Dreary Day


037 300x225 It Was a Dark and Dreary Day


Not necessarily the best pictures I’ve ever taken of the pack, but still pretty cute.

Here’s hoping for warmer days ahead.

031 300x225 It Was a Dark and Dreary Day

Here's a picture of my real neighborhood

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