Vegan MoFo: Lunch from TJs

Trader Joes is my new favorite place for a fast, cheap, vegan lunch. Subway used to hold that spot, especially before I went vegan, where I would frequently have their veggie patty on a flatbread. I’ve never been too fond of Subway’s bread, but after removing the dairy/eggs from my diet I discovered that their flatbread had milk in it. Then I found out that their veggie patty had eggs. And all of their bread with the one exception of the plain white, has either cheese or honey. So now I’m left with a veggie sandwich on white bread. Be still my heart.

I have been known to bring my own vegan meat to Subway, which makes it almost palatable, but that takes effort and I’m talking about fast food, here, right? Then, about a month ago at my personal training class, I was introduced to Trader Joe’s Spicy Lentil Wrap.

The first time I tried it was during a lunch break at my class, and I was hooked. It is tasty, spicy, vegan, and at $3.99 at pretty good deal, too. Since then, the Lentil Wrap, along with TJ’s Eggplant Wrap and Hummus Wrap, has been my go-to choice when I don’t have leftovers to bring to work, I’m on the road, or I just want a quick, easy lunch. I even brought one to our cross country meet yesterday. It saved me from starving while cross country parents barbecued burgers for the team.

Actually, the cross country mom above made a special vegan pasta salad just for me! I'm so sad that her son is a senior this year!

So happy I had my spicy lentil wrap!

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      Hi, Mandee, thanks for stopping by! I was happy to find your blog. I am interested in reducing gluten in my diet, but as a vegan it can seem so challenging (I LOVE seitan!). I’ll enjoy looking through your posts.

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