Excuse Me!

Just finished a late lunch/early dinner at Chipotle’s completing my recovery from my 42 mile bike ride this morning. Why would such a relatively short ride require an extensive, almost day long recovery, you may ask? A quick check of my Daily Mile profile supplies the answer: There’s not been a whole lot of training going on in my life lately. My last ride over 40 miles was about a month ago. When I took my dogs for a little run this morning, I couldn’t remember when my last run was (according to Daily Mile, it was two weeks ago!). Oh, and the gym? I have a faint memory of being there about 10 days ago.

blog10 5 Excuse Me!Oh, as usual, I have my excuses. My colonoscopy for one. That shortened my ride last Sunday, made me have to change my work schedule around. And in spite of my great recovery, I just didn’t feel up to the gym afterward.

Then there is the dental work that I’ve been having done. Because it involves driving to Encinitas on a mid-week day, it also cuts into training time.

137 300x225 Excuse Me!And finally, ironically, cross country season is the number one reason that I have not been training properly. You’d think that since I am coaching runners that I would have plenty of time to run right alongside (or behind) them. Well, my friends, unfortunately, you’d be wrong. Way wrong.

080 300x225 Excuse Me!If I’m lucky, I run one day a week with the team. Their other training days involve work on the track, hill repeats, and other forms of torture training that improve their speed and strength. Last week we had a league meet, which means a work schedule change for me, which means no bike ride for me. And Saturdays? Ha! Every Saturday from early September through late October consists of a long bus ride to an invitational cross country meet. Oh, I get to run from race to race (last week in San Diego with the team participating in eight races (by grades/gender), I managed to clock a whole 1.5 miles!

So, what have I managed to do? Well, I’ve been doing twice weekly Pilates on the reformer, in preparation of taking Balanced Body’s reformer module one in November. (Woot!). I’ve really been loving it, and have become even more excited that we’ll be adding a reformer in my workplace.

Reformers Excuse Me!So, those are my excuses and I’m sticking to them. Or maybe sticking it to them. I finally have a relatively normal work week ahead of me. The plan: Monday, Pilates. Cross country practice will probably mess with the gym plan, unless I can motivate myself to get there afterward. I’m not very good at that, so don’t have too many expectations. Tuesday is my day to run with the team before work. Wednesday I will have time for a 25 mile bike ride before work. Thursday, dental appointment, so there goes the gym again. I will try to push it off to Friday, which is also my Pilates day (my last one as a private student icon sad Excuse Me! )

The weekend brings another cross country meet. I’ll see if I can get about two miles running from race to race. And finally, Sunday, our (mine and Alan’s) day! Bike ride (and hopefully a little run for my dogs).

So, there we are. Not perfect by any means, but a little better that last week. I guess we all just do the best we can.


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    That’s so interesting! I assumed that you’d get a workout right along with the cross country team. I never thought about all the other elements that go into their training and that it’s not just time on the track.

    I’ve always wanted to try Pilates on a Reformer, by the way. How fantastic that you’ll have one at work!

    • says

      It is true. My fitness goes way down during cross country season. It has other perks, though, like making a difference in the lives of our children [puffs out chest just a little].

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    You’re in such great shape, those excuses aren’t going to hurt you. Just shove them aside and go forward. 42 miles is nothing to sneeze about (wait, is that the right expression?) :-)

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