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It’s been a few months since I whined wrote about my training, fitness, health, etc., so I thought that as I just passed my third Hysterversary, it would be a good time to check in.

Hysterversary Checking InFor the first time in a while I am pleased with my training. Although I’m not really training for anything (like a race or a century ride), I’ve been pretty motivated to ride and run just for the pleasure of doing so. Now that cross country practice has started, I actually am running a little bit more, usually three days a week. I’m working my long run up to about 10 miles, which is perfect. I would like to increase my mileage on the bike, but it is really difficult in the summer here in the desert. I find that I’m a lot happier with myself if I just relax, ride for the fun of it, and don’t beat myself up if my mileage is low.

Here is a sample of my current training schedule (from last week):

Monday: Gym for strength training
Tuesday: Run 6.5 miles
Wednesday: Morning-Ride 25 miles Evening-Run 3 miles
Thursday: Gym for strength training
Friday: Off (I pencil in cardio at the gym, but haven’t made it yet)
Saturday: Run 8 miles
Sunday: Ride 42 miles

I’m also happy that since Alan and I joined the La Quinta Fitness Center, we have made it to the gym twice a week. As a trainer and coach, I certainly know how important some kind of strength training is. Although I’ve certainly not been vegging out on the couch, I sometimes find myself  like everybody else, trying to find the time to fit it all in. When Alan and I do it together, especially now that the gym is a mile from the house, it is a lot easier to be consistent with the weight training.

Ironically, at a time when I am running like a dog, my running with my dogs has taken a hit. One downside of doing my running with the cross country team, is that my dogs don’t get to run as much, which is a shame, since they love it. With practice starting at 5:30 am, it is difficult to get out with them for more than a mile or two before I have to drive to meet the team.

On Tuesday I have my annual physical. For those who read my blog, you know I’ve had issues that I blame on hormones over the last few years. Well, actually, since I really think my migraines were mostly hormonal, then I’d actually spread that blame back about 40 years. In any case, it is still something that I deal with. You’d think that three years after my hysterectomy and instant menopause, I have it figured out. Well, you’d be wrong. I’m still bedeviled (like that word?) with frequent, though relatively mild, headaches. Occasionally, though, they go way beyond mild, so I’d really like to get it worked out.

Anyway, in addition to the hormone issue, I have a list of thing I want to discuss with the doc. They are:

I get this pain under my ribs from time to time. I’ve had it occasionally for about three years and I’ve mentioned it to the doctor before, but no one seem concerned. I don’t know, though, it seems like a pain like that can’t be right, so I’d really like to get it figured out.

When I get my blood work done, I also want to check my B12 levels (I know they’ll automatically check things like iron, D, calcium). I take supplements, but since I’m vegan I want to make sure that I am getting everything that I need nutritionally.

Something else I’ve thought about is if they can check my gluten sensitivity. Aside from the pain I mentioned above, I do have some gas tummy issues, which I usually attribute to a diet high in beans, nuts, seeds, and cruciferous vegetables. Sometimes, though, I get drawn in by all the talk about gluten, so I figure if I can get it checked, why not?

Moles checked, although I’ll probably make a separate dermatologist appointment for that.

Pap smear (you may still need it after a complete hysterectomy).

Mammogram, an annual event these days. Remember, I had a bit of a scare last year.

As much as I hate the thought, it is time for a colonoscopy. It was recommended last year, and I have procrastinated. I will follow through this year.

The usual refills of prescriptions (although if I could get the hormone thing worked out, I’d need a lot less of those migraine medicines).

I’ve made a pretty long list here, but all in all, I’m feeling good. I guess all that running, riding, and healthy vegan eating is paying off. Oh, and the wine, too.

Oh, remember that though I am a fitness professional and coach, I’m not a nutritionist or doctor, and everything I post here is my opinion or the opinion of others. Although when I say a healthy vegan diet will benefit most people (and definitely benefit most animals), I know whereof I speak.

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  1. Carol says

    I’m happy to hear that your training is going well. I am also in my fifties and have been finding it more challenging to ‘keep it up.’ It is nice to hear you say that it is possible. Good luck with your dr.’s appt.!

  2. says

    you still have to go to the girl dr after a hysterectemy? Where is the fairness in that? The pain of being a woman, never ends!

    I feel bad for my dog, since ive been running i dont walk him nearly as much. I feel guilty! But he poops out on his weekly trip to the dog park after about 15 minutes of trying to chase the “big dogs” and losing. lol

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