I’ve Created a Monster! Two of Them!

Lily and Olivia are the dogs that we rescued a couple years ago. Lily is a Toy Fox Terrier, weighing in at about eight pounds, and Olivia is a Brussels Griffon, tipping the scales at 11 pounds. Check them out, aren’t they the cutest things?

We rescued them within a week of each other, and they have truly become sisters. The rest of our dogs are a lot bigger, so Lily and Olivia tend to play and cuddle with each other.

I’ve been running with two of my big dogs, Penny and Sassy, for years, long before Lily and Olivia arrived. The two big dogs love to run, and they always know my ‘running days,’ and they get very excited about their chance to go for a run. In fact, their love of running has inspired my love of running.

A couple months ago, after returning from a run with the big dogs, the two little dogs got excited, and Alan said, “why don’t we take them for a run?” So we did, and it was a pure pleasure to watch their joy. After that first time, though, it was a few weeks before I took them out again (time always being an issue in my life). About three weeks ago, though, I had some extra time and I took them out. Again they were so thrilled and enjoyed it so much that I have tried to save the last mile for them on each run.

Now, I can’t get away with not taking them for a run! As soon as I return with the big dogs, Lily follows me as I put away the leashes, leaping with anticipation. Olivia joins in until they are both wriggling so much I can hardly get their leashes on. They charge down the street, pausing only to try to chase a car or another dog. Olivia gets so excited she goes after Lily, which makes Lily run even faster.

I have created two monsters! There is no way that Lily and Olivia will let me skip their run anymore. This video makes me laugh because it shows how Olivia gets so excited that she chases Lily. Just be sure to turn DOWN your volume so you don’t hear my clomping feet and loud breathing (really good microphone on my new little camera!)

Are they cute or what? The little monsters!

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