>Wildflowers and Kittens

>Wow! Spring is here! It was a beautiful day for a run. First we headed out, at about 6:00, to take a two mile jog with Penny and Sassy. They love to run, so it is a real treat for them. You would never question whether a dog can smile if you could see their faces when we finish our run.

After we brought the dogs home, Alan and I headed out again, south, toward the top of the La Quinta Cove.  We are so fortunate that in less than one mile we have a beautiful, wild area with trails, gorgeous views, and right now, wildflowers.

We also found a new trail that promises to be challenging. We had already run about eight miles by that point, so we decided to keep that adventure for another day. I had one bad moment.  I tripped over an embedded rock and had a pretty good fall. Left hand, right elbow, right knee. I did manage to run (slowly) the last mile left, but I did feel a bit shaky. And, I did not take pictures of my injuries. So, a 10 mile run today (counting the doggy run), the longest I’ve run in a while.  Good, because I am running the La Jolla Half Marathon in two weeks (Alan is announcing the 5k) and I don’t want to embarrass myself.  Not too much, anyway.

One exciting note (if you are an animal person). One of the feral cats that hangs out by our house had kittens about a month ago. They are finally moving around and today was the first time we were able to see them. The mother, who we call George, won’t let us get near her, but she allowed Alan to pick up two of her babies.

Other than that, just a normal weekend.  The ride on Saturday was shorter than planned. When we stopped at home about halfway through the ride, we discovered the dogs had had their way with our kitchen trash can. Bad blogger that I am, I did not take a picture, but let me just say, it took a shovel to clean up. Yuck! And it took the wind out of our sails as far as the ride went. We canned it. Believe it or not, I spent that extra time watching golf and doing my taxes.

Obviously, the highlights were the wildflowers and the kittens.

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    >Hi Cyclediva, I just stumbled across your blog and wanted to tell you how inspired I am just reading about all you are able to do. I am also in my 50's, live in La Quinta, ride an Orbea, do a lot of walking, and am a vegetarian. I have only been riding about 3 years. My husband bought me a bike after we married 5 years ago so I could ride with him. He has ridden all his life. We did the Tour of PS one time, only 25 miles. My longest ride was 45 miles from Cambria, Ca. to Morro rock, Ca. and back. I will be stopping back by your blog for inspiration.

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    >Hi Sugar Chef, Thanks for your comment. I have been incredibly lax, both in blogging and in responding to comments. I apologize.We must have passed each other out there on the roads. Now that it is getting hot, we are trying to get out as early as possible to beat the heat. We weren't very successful today. We left at 6:45 for a 60 mile ride, coming home when it was already about 95 degrees. Ugh! Haven't had a chance to adapt yet.Your cakes are fabulous! They are so beautiful that (and I'm sure you've heard this before) they are almost too pretty to eat. Almost. My husband would be in hog heaven. He has the sweet tooth in the family (and he can afford it, with his Ironman training he currently weighs about 140 pounds!)

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