>"Why Are You a Vegetarian?"

Warning: A few of the links that I have provided show very graphic, disturbing images of extreme cruelty to animals. While I don’t apologize for them, I want to let you know ahead of time. Just remember: It may disturb you, it may make you cry, but it won’t hurt you. It only hurts the animals that are victims of this abuse. I hope it will make you think.

It is a question that I hear frequently, “Why are you a Vegetarian?” Especially when people learn that it has been less than three years since I gave up meat. It is an ironic question to me, because, I feel the answer is so obvious, “Because I didn’t want to eat animals anymore.”

That simple answer brings a variety of responses. Yesterday, when I answered one of my cross country runners, she said, “oh…that makes me feel, um, guilty.” My response to that: Good.

A few will answer, “well, they are just animals.” My feelings about that and my response to (former) friends who think that way can be found here.

Sometimes, the only response is silence. Because really, what can a humane person say? In this era of mass production and factory farming, it goes way beyond the idea of taking a beautiful, live, breathing being, killing it, cooking it, then eating it for personal pleasure. That alone is enough for me, but if it not for you, please consider:

1. Without going into detail, simply said, factory farming is cruel and inhumane. There are a multitude of reports detailing the horrible treatment that farm animals receive at the hands of factory farmers. Cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys; they are all victims. There is no excuse for this abuse and to actually eat the results condones and rewards the perpetrators.

2. The health benefits are substantial. A well planned, well balanced vegetarian diet provides all essential vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber and more that your body needs without the fat and cholesterol inherent in a meat laden diet. Vegetarians tend to be healthier, leaner, have lower cholesterol, blood pressure and consequently less heart disease, stroke, cancer and mortality. More more health benefits check here.

My friends who read this, I’m not trying to convert you. Well, maybe I am, but I mostly want you to be aware. I want you to be healthy. I want you to think about what you eat. These horrible abuses will continue unless we fight them. And the first step is knowledge. The second step, or you can call it a challenge is: Pledge to be Veg for 30 days.

Come on, I dare you!

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    >I'll be honest, I love my meat and poultry, and I can't live without it. But I do try to eat vegetarian at least one day a week. And it's actually not that hard! I just make sure to stock up on tempeh and tofu, and i'm set. I also noticed that I get fuller faster and don't have that icky feeling in the pit of my stomach.

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    >The longer I've been veg the easier it has become. I used to always need a meat alternative, now I just make sure that I have a good protein source and I'm good to go.Tonight I'm going to toss some pasta, beans, veggies (whatever is on hand), some roasted seeds, and cilantro, along with some oil and vinegar. Mmmmm. Served cold I think, although hot would work too.

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